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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

2017 Ongoing MOTY List: Callihan v. Kong

17. Sami Callihan v. Kongo Kong AAW 2/4/17

PAS: You don't usually see David v. Goliath matches with heel Davids. This was booked by the Philistines, with cheating ass David using all kind of tricks to avoid getting smashed. Callihan is really good at sticking and moving, all of his sticks land with real force and he avoids Kong in cool ways including Kong missing a rolling senton into a guardrail which is a nutty bump by such a big guy. The finish was also crazy with Kong taking a DVD on a chair, honestly I can't remember a superheavyweight taking a bump this nuts.

ER: I love the heel David comparison, a slimy David with bad hair loading up his sling with ill-advised topes and stupid bumps and minimal strategy. Callihan starts with a couple of boots that do nothing, and from there we go into maul mode, Kong the pursuer, throwing Sami into rails, chopping him into the crowd, eventually missing a mammoth cannonball into the guardrail. That's an insane spot for someone his size to be doing, and my god did it look awesome. Sami hits a successful dive, gets caught on another and slammed on the apron. Everybody gets slammed grossly on the apron, the Crists run out to interfere, Kong hits a sloppy fat dude dive onto everybody, then gets planted through a chair. It is indeed a crazy bump for a superheavyweight, only thing I can think of comparable would be any of the nutty suplex bumps Vader took. This was just what I wanted out of this match.


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