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Monday, May 08, 2017

2017 Ongoing MOTY List: Togo v. CHANGO

16. Dick Togo v. CHANGO GUTS World 2/21/17

PAS: Awesome all action sprint from my new favorite Puro fed GUTS WORLD BABY!! Togo is a master at working as a base for fun high flyers and this was my favorite of his unretirement run. This is a part of singles match series between feuding teams and Togo jumps him at the bell and beats his ass for a bit, including cutting off a dive by jump kicking CHANGO in the mouth. Togo is such a vicious prick in this, at one point instead of whipping CHANGO into the turnbuckle he just yanks him by the arm face first into the mat. CHANGO's offense wouldn't have been anything special against a different opponent, but Dick made him look like a killer, flying around for every armdrag and dropkick. Finish run was really exciting, with lots of rolling in and out of crossfaces, until Togo rips off a super nasty version for the tap. Great stuff GUTS World delivers again.

ER: Hot 10 minutes, felt like a Tajiri/Super Crazy TNN match. Togo mauls CHANGO for the first 3 minutes, lobbing great downward angle punches, suplexing him on the floor, smacking him with a chair, getting in the face of Guts and Kageyama, trying to yank his arm off on an Irish whip, and then goes and makes CHANGO's stuff look great when the tables turn. Togo leans into the superkicks, whips his face into the mat on CHANGO's axe kick, absorbs the flip dive nicely; The end stretch was my favorite part, with both fighting over a go behind, and the whole thing looked like a couple dogs fighting over a steak. The reversals into and out of the crossface were cool, dug the pedigree getting reversed and Togo flying back to his knees, and that final exclamation point crossface (with the necktie arm choke) was killer.


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