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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Braun & Goldust's European Vacation

Goldust vs. Braun Strowman (WWE House Show 9/9/16)

Last year Goldust and Braun fought on three overseas house shows. I think this is the best of those three matches (the other two were shorter, with the same spots done in the same order). Goldust doesn't get to work singles matches on TV anymore, so usually the only time we get to see him is teaming with one of the worst wrestlers on the roster. House show Goldust is always a marvel, and while I wanted a couple more minutes out of this, it's still a great 4 minute sprint. Goldust comes hot with a yakuza kick and starts punching Braun into the corner, and fans always get so behind Dustin at house shows. He starts throwing leg kicks that he never does, then hits a nasty face wash to knock Braun to the floor, and follows up with his rolling senton off the apron. He slaps him around some more and Braun maniacally crushes him into the ringpost in gross fashion. But back in the ring Goldust goes right back to kicking him in the face, but Braun takes over with a big back elbow and avalanche and works a cravate, and Dustin knows how to work sympathy in a long hold. Every time Goldust gets a chance to fire back, he makes it count, he pulls off that style of punch so well. They hit an awkward cross up moment in the ropes, but Dustin makes up for it by absolutely blasting Braun with a lariat. Braun wins shortly after with the standing side choke. Take 4 minutes out of your day and watch the house show master at work, who knows how much more we'll get.

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