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Monday, May 01, 2017

Unicorn Gimmick Matches - Dungeon Match

Owen Hart v. Ken Shamrock WWF 7/26/98

This is a submissions match held in Stu Hart's dungeon which is a small paneled basement. Really violent in a way I didn't remember Attitude era WWE being. Both guys spent much of this match viciously slamming each other's heads hard into wood panelling. Shamrock also had some really nasty looking grounded punches, and there were some hard throws onto a thin mat. I liked how Owen used the plumbing pipe for a hurricanrana, felt like something he developed wrestling Bruce when they were kids. They did do some of the dumb movie filming tricks I hate when the WWF did, but otherwise this was a killer five minutes. I even liked the finish with Severn getting cold cocked and then Owen drilling Shamrock in the head with a weight, and Severn being too groggy to see Owen tapping Shamrock's limp arm.

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