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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Jamie Dundee Wrestled in Puerto Rico

Jamie Dundee vs. Mike Anthony (WWC 1993)

I never realized Jamie Dundee wrestled at all in Puerto Rico. Up until a week ago I just assumed "Jamie Dundee Wrestled in Puerto Rico" was an unused and poorly received A Tribe Called Quest b-side. But Jamie Dundee wrestled in Puerto Rico, and it was pretty much exactly what you would expect (though I was hoping for more flagrant race baiting and/or exaggerated ball selling). Mike Anthony is enough of an opponent, but nobody is watching this match to check out what Mike Anthony was up to in the early 90s. You want 10 minutes of Dundee calling for timeouts, threatening to quit, complaining of rattail pulls during moves that involved hands nowhere close to hair, high back body drops, nerve holds barely applied, a great punch off the middle rope, that back body drop on the grass that I could probably just base the entire review around, Anthony dropping a couple really nice legdrops on Dundee's arm, Dundee rubbing out his balls after missing a bronco buster, Dundee hitting a huge falling lariat almost all the way across the ring...obviously these are some things you want to see. I watched this in an airport. A mustachioed middle aged man across from me had a navy crewneck sweatshirt on that said "Nantucket", the same way your brain forms the image on a Yale crewneck. I couldn't help but picture Jamie wearing that same sweatshirt, paired with his spraypainted jorts.

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