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Monday, May 09, 2016

Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 14: Cage in a Cage

1. Cage Match: Cage vs. Johnny Mundo

ER: This had some nice moments, but overall didn't do much for me. The best parts were easily Mundo getting chucked wildly into the cage, peaking with him being powerbombed into the cage and sliding all the way down, like Sylvester leaping into a wall and missing Tweety. But a lot of this wasn't very good. For a longer match it didn't really build anywhere. We get silly cage match stuff like Mundo whiffing on a corkscrew moonsault off the top of the cage, even though up to that point of the match he had been trying to escape over the top of the cage. I mean Mundo wants nothing more than an Aztec medallion...but I guess just couldn't pass up the opportunity to do some flips! We also get Taya interfering with maybe the worst Singapore cane shots I've ever seen. I know she had to hold onto the top of the cage, but damn those shots were embarrassing. The selling was all over the map as no matter how much offense Mundo took, he was always the one doing something preposterous off the top. Cage's square driver finish looked nasty, at least.

PAS: Yeah this felt a little like a Smackdown cage match to end a feud which already had a PPV blow off. Mundo does some crazy stuff, but it never really distinguished itself. Taya does take a big beating although her taking a beating as a heel on the same show that Ivelisse takes the big beating as a face, is the kind of repeat itself booking that bugs me about LU. Finish was feud ending for sure.

2. Elimination Match: Fenix, Jack Evans & PJ Black vs. Mr. Cisco, Cortez Castro & Joey Ryan vs. Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma & Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Ivelisse & Son of Havoc

ER: This was really fun, often kind of a mess, could have been better, but was a totally enjoyable mess. Elimination style could have been good, but annoying that one pinfall meant the whole team was gone. And they shouldn't have made it 4 people in the ring at once. Just make it one on one with tons of dudes on the apron. Having 4 people in there at once means we almost immediately go to two guys lying around sucking wind after taking one move. The twisting springboard flip dive train was pretty great, although I feel bad for Dragon Azteca for somehow doing a twisting moonsault into 6 people and missing all of them. The cameras caught Rey's dive off the top perfectly, shooting it from behind so it looked like he flew 20 feet. Ivelisse hit a really great sunset flip powerbomb, Fenix had another stellar performance (man he makes that Azteca DDT look deadly), and this finally got really good once they got it down to two teams. Evans was en fuego throughout this whole thing, and it now officially the baddest bitch in the fed. Him vs. Rey is a bonkers dream match. Really wish we could have just gotten two separate trios matches instead of this jumbled, sorta rushed match, but there were too many bright spots throughout to get too down on it. I'm just grumpy we got robbed of two additional trios matches by them lumping the semifinals and the finals all into one match.

PAS: I dug this although it was very all over the place. Really dug the dive train, and the part of the match where everyone was taking nutty bumps to the floor. Thought the first two eliminations were kind of perfunctory, and we would have been better off with neither team in the match. Loved the final showdown fall, and Rey looks completely reborn in this fed.

ER: Loved the Pentagon/Vampiro final segment, with Vampiro burning him with evil candle wax (the melted wax looked killer on his mask) and Pentagon cruising out in some weird futuristic wheelchair while Vamp went back to his fat bloated zombie from the beginning of Zombie look. I like that depending on which way you view the segment you can see on man's exhausting rehabilitation, or also a man being harnessed for ultimate evil.

PAS: The hot wax reminded me a little too much of Body of Evidence the Madonna/Willem Dafoe BDSM erotic thriller.


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