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Saturday, May 07, 2016

MLJ: Atsushi Onita, Mil Mascaras & El Hijo del Santo vs. Tarzan Goto, Negro Casas & Giant Warrior

Atsushi Onita, Mil Mascaras & El Hijo del Santo vs. Tarzan Goto, Negro Casas & Giant Warrior
05/15/92 Tijuana, B.C. El Parenke

This was one night before the CA show, just with Goto on the other side and Nitron and Mascaras (there's a toss up) in the match instead. It's well worth watching as well, though, because while there were similarities, enough was different.

Similarities first. There was no reason in the world for Casas and Santo to not do the same exact opening exchange the next night. The crowd would almost certainly be mostly different. And lo and behold, it's move for move the same. That's okay though, because they hit it so quickly and so smoothly and so beautifully that it's actually a joy that we get it from a different camera angle.

That's really the only thing that's the same here. Mascaras' presence and Goto being paired against Onita changes everything. Mascaras is amusingly annoying. He'll sell for Giant Warrior but won't give Casas a single thing. At times, it gets hilarious as he just eats him up. Obviously, if Mascaras is going to be crushing someone, you want it to be someone who can make it entertaining and Casas can do that. It's still fairly bemusing though. Worth watching but bemusing.

Goto and Onita do their thing, and that's a lot of fun in this setting too. Goto is such a force, flying about with headbutts, and the sheer shining babyface charisma out of Santo and Onita paired together works better here because the match never really spirals around the arena like the one in CA did. It felt more contained with more interaction between the competitors.

I wish there were another ten of these matches from this tour because the two that we have are just a blast.

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