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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

IWA Mid-South Top 18 Matches, #10: Low-Ki v. Necro Butcher 4/1/06

#10 Low-Ki v. Necro Butcher 4/1/06

PAS: Wow, what an absolute war. Necro was at his height in 2006, and was probably the best indy dream match worker in history. Whenever you would match Necro up with another Indy star it would deliver in spades. Ki comes around and back jumps Necro, and starts pounding on him as they were wrapped up in streamers. Ki just unloads full force with chops and face kicks, including this lightning fast combo ending in a backfist which looked like something out a Kung Fu movies. Necro meanwhile would have these great counters, where he would throw a desperation KO blow, or snatch Ki out of the air with a kick or clotheslines. Finish was awesome as Ki lands this crazy double stomp through a table, which Necro barely kicks out of, but instead of Necro going back on offense, he just succumbs to a Ki clutch immediately. Man I miss when stuff like this would show up once a month or so, I remember liking their December 2006 rematch even more then this, and this might have been my MOTY if it had happened in 2015.

ER: Well this was an ultimate treat, a match between two of my all time favorites that I thought I had seen...but turns out I have *never* seen! That right there is a beautiful thing. I must have seen their match from later in the year and not realized they had another match. And this match is glorious, just a brutal war with some of the stiffest shots you've seen. They come out throwing but Ki takes over pretty early, and from there we get tons of Ki throwing some nasty kicks at every single part of Necro. Out on the floor they do a bunch of close-up magic, making realllll sure that every chubby ginger fan at ringside knows just how hard they're hitting each other. It's tremendous fun to look at the faces of these grown men and then see the actual speechless shock as Necro and Ki beat the hell out of each other inches away from their face. Ki stomps face, dropkicks a hole through Necro's chest while Necro is in a chair, both guys do some vicious backfists, and at a certain point I gotta wonder how much pain each guy is in. Necro makes some great comebacks, specifically off a brutal lariat with Ki springing off the ropes directly into it. It was truly an all time great lariat, the kind that make you rewind Stan Hansen matches. The Warriors Way throw a table was spectacular, and the way Necro ends up mangled in the wreckage it literally looks like his head is disconnected from his body. He looks completely broken in 4 spots. These two are just the best. This is the kind of match I can revisit every couple years and keep finding new favorite things.

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Blogger discotortoise said...

Is a Necro C&A worth doing, or is he so ubiquitous on SC that it's pointless and most of his iconic stuff has been covered?


"Is a Ki C&A worth doing, or is he so ubiquitous on SC that it's pointless and most of his iconic stuff has been covered?"

4:43 AM  
Blogger EricR said...

Both would certainly be worth doing. Ki especially has worked so many different places: Every major indy, WWE, TNA, practically every promotion in Japan, only thing he hasn't done is get a decent run in Mexico (though I think he's worked AAA a bit), and Necro has worked indies constantly for 15+ years. I'm sure each guy has over 100 matches that I've never seen.

1:28 PM  
Blogger discotortoise said...

There is a 15-minute Drew Mac-KAVAL match from a 2010 Superstars that I didn't know existed. Holy shit. And I feel like that I referenced this before, but an SC NOAH supertag of Ki/SUWA-Ratboy/Reeeeeecky from '06. Same tour had Ki/SUWA/Marvin as Mushiking vs. Kikuchi/Yone/DAKOTA (one of Harley's weird guys who got a few trips, wild).

Then those early tours! And when he had to take Red's spot in AJPW in late '03 (I assume), Ki/Kojima-Hijikata/Kawada. HOLY SHIT HOW DID KAWADA-KI NOT MAKE TAPE

Goddamned Ki, man.

6:01 PM  

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