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Thursday, May 05, 2016

2016 Ongoing MOTY List: Samoans v. Bullet Club

Roman Reigns/Usos v. AJ Styles/Luke Gallows/Karl Anderson WWE Raw 5/2

PAS: Cool throwback to the days of RAW having awesome six-mans every week. I have been a Gallows fans since the Festus days and I am glad to see him make his way back to the WWE and he was super aggressive in this constantly jumping at Roman and getting in his face. Finish run was really exciting with Gallows and Anderson nuking Roman while an Uso and Styles went at in the ring. I liked the post match angle with the temptation of Styles and Reigns wrecking him after the bell. I am into this feud.

ER: I really liked this trend of good TV matches coming back. Maybe we always need a storyline where the GM just tries to put on the best show possible? Nawwww. People probably just want GMs to talk a bunch and put on lousy shows. This kind of match needs to be happening every week. Gallows had a great showing. I remember telling Phil about the (still awesome) Festus/Kozlov Smackdown match, and him being in disbelief. So then I brought it over on VHS while he was visiting and we both flipped. If that doesn't put a timestamp on things. And I liked the early stuff with he and Roman going at it, and how they kept getting matched up, subtly keeping the match away from Roman/AJ, with Gallows around at the end to eat the Superman punch. The finishing run was great with nice superkick cutoffs from the Usos, great nearfall chains and then we get some awesome post match brawling. This was all really good and felt like it brought a fresh energy that hasn't been on WWE TV in a long time.


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