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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Black Terry Never Got Rich But to Save his Soul

Black Terry v. Aero Boy Chilanga Mask 4/27/14 -EPIC

PAS: Pretty slept on 2014 match, including something we are pretty late on. Chilanga Mask was my favorite promotion to watch in 2014, the booking isn't always great, but you have to love any fed that gives Black Terry this long to work a singles match. Aero Boy is an indy guy who has been mostly working garbage feds but he is a game guy who is willing to work this kind of varied match. This really reminds of the 2008 Multifacitico series, with Terry taking a young guy with a couple of things and crafting a classic. Pretty insane he can still do this 7 years later, he is truly ageless. Opens with some pretty great mat wrestling, not showy but a bunch of cool moments, including Terry using a roll up a a submission. Match transitions into brawling with Terry taking some nasty bumps into chairs which is nuts for a dude this old, Aero Boy was probably wishing for light tubes getting hit by those Terry headbutts. We then go into a pretty dramatic finishing run, with Terry breaking out his flying lungblower, and Aero Boy doing a cool fight for a cross armbreaker. Some of the finishing stuff wasn't super easy to see because of the handheld, but that is really my only beef with this match.

ER: This was my least favorite of the 2014 Terry Chilanga Mask matches, admittedly because there were plenty of things that just weren't visible. Now these are the nature of some handhelds so I understand, but I can't very well rate what I can't see. It does make me wonder if Black Terry Jr. was the guy with the camera getting all the best angles of the mat stuff and the crowd brawl. But Phil is right that Terry is ageless and I think he's still the best brawler in current wrestling. I have never seen Aero Boy before but he holds his end up here. He took a wild bump into the crowd, and ramped up the brawl in response to Terry. I loved when Terry when for the JYD kneeling headbutts, Aero responded with a nasty one of his own. I dug Terry doing the arm breaker that we've seen Pentagon Jr. using lately (10 months after Terry breaks it out here) although some of the mat stuff was impossible to judge due to the camera angle. Unrelated to the match but am I the only one who thought it was weird that the ringside photographer was wearing a SeƱor Frogs shirt? That feels like wearing Mardi Gras beads in the summer, or wearing a Belize It Or Not shirt in South America (I did that. In my 20s. It had beads on it.).


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