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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lucha Underground Episode 3: Crossing the Border Workrate Report

ER: I really like that this show hired a lot of production guys that have never worked in wrestling before. That's maybe the absolute smartest thing they did. Bring in guys who don't just base their programming on how WWE films their programming. They have their own production knowledge, not just stuff that's been dug into their brains about how a wrestling show is "supposed" to look. It gives them a fresh feel and look right out of the gate. This was an enormous decision that they got right.

1. Mascarita Sagrada vs. El Mariachi Loco

ER: No clue who Loco is. He's a slender, average height masked guy wearing fantastic mariachi pants. Not sure which Sagrada this is, either, as after a minute of watching him he doesn't seem anywhere near as good as previous Sagradas. This didn't look like Tzuki, and it's obviously not the current El Torito, and he didn't seem as good as the original who I've seen working indies…so is this the guy AAA has been using the last few years? He seems…okayish. Loco bumped around for him using a bunch of over the top Shawn Michaels bumping. Sagrada hits a nice flip dive, but really can't properly get in place for any of Loco's super kicks. He's always too close or doesn't bump right for them. He somehow sells Loco's offense less than Loco sells Sagrada's. It blows my mind that Sagrada goes over clean here with a tight choke (a modified d'arce according to Striker, despite it not looking like any sort of d'arce) rolled into a pin. So Sexy Star loses in 90 seconds in her debut, but the guy weighing 70 lb. goes over clean to a guy twice his size? Eh, whatever. Match wasn't much. I'd rather see minis against other minis. Yep. Segunda Caida is pro segregation.

PAS: I agree with Eric, I have no problem with mini's in tags or trios with regular sized wrestlers, but it stretches it a bit in a longish singles match. It was also hurt by Sagrada not looking nearly as spectacular as other guys who have worn that mask.

ER: Vampiro is dressed up as Byz Lat #3 from his Shield background extra work. The on screen graphic also calls him "Announcer/Legend". I wonder whose idea that was. I dug Chavo's interview, really dug his attitude. Best interview I've seen from Chavo in…ever? I loved the interview being intercut with slo mo shots of him punching Blue Demon in the ear last week, and attacking him on the stretcher.

PAS: Yeah this Chavo interview ruled. Shots fired at Demon being a shitty dude who only got there on his daddy's coatails. Demon being a guy who even sucked in his prime? Chavo must have gotten the DVDVR Lucha 80's set.  Liked the Konan backstage interaction, I would dig the gimmick of AAA guys coming after Chavo for taking out luchadores, and I hope that is were they go with it, instead of having Demon or Sexy Star feud with him.

2. Ricky Mandel vs. Mil Muertes

ER: Mandel is apparently from beautiful Berrrrwyyyyyn, IL (cue Berwyn soundbite) and was trained by the Ballard Bros. I've never seen him before, but I like the way he takes a spear directly on his shoulder. And Muertes has a nice punch/chop combo. But this match was not good. Mesias is a guy I've really really liked in the past, but my word as Muertes everything is just wrong. Horrendous look (we talked about those brutal pants and that awful mask last week) but he has some insanely dated offense for a squash. A flatliner finish? Yikes. Katrina is easily the best thing about the act so far.

PAS: I thought the vignette with the earthquake backstory was really cool, and I have faith in Muertes to turn it up when he gets a regular match, but man does he need an outfit redesign stat. Pretty much the only guy on the show with a bad look too, really stands out.

3. Drago vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Fenix

ER: This match was pretty damn stupid, but stupid in a way that kind of made it critic proof. Guys did stuff, heads were landed on, some things looked bad, many things looked good. About 30 seconds in most of my evaluative brain just shut down because why bother? Fenix had the hands down spot of the match (year?) with his flapjack turned into a ridiculous rana. Holy cow that looked amazing. And we finally find a good use for the overhead camera, as Fenix's dive off the top of the stage looked like he was base jumping off a cliff. Dug all the dives, got pretty tired of guys jumping onto their own heads while another guy was touching him (thus classifying it as some sort of "Driver") until one of them got 3 counts instead of 2 counts. Still, this was a perfect kind of match to set them apart, so it was necessary.

PAS: I have a couple of minor nits to pick. I think they would have been better off just running out Pentagon Jr. v. either technico for an opening match. Would have allowed either Fenix or Drago to stand out a bit more. We at Segunda Caida are John Lithgow in Footloose when it comes to 3-Way dancing, and I still think the tag on the second show is the feds best match, but this kind of nut house match is what they need to stand out. I really like Pentagon Jr. as a violent asskicker, more then as a spot guy so I hope I get to see more of that side of him. Despite my slight issues, totally enjoyed the bat shittedness of the whole thing. Lucha Underground was something I was hesitant about before it happened, but they are 3 for 3 for entertaining shows so far.


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