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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

2014 Ongoing Match of the Year List

11. Rey Hechicero v. Black Terry Chilanga Mask 10/26

PAS: Total dream match which totally delivers. Hechicero has been having the best year match quality wise of anyone in wrestling, while Terry has been a little AWOL when it comes to great stuff available to watch. So happy our man Black Terry Jr. had his video camera ready to capture this match. We start out with some really great chain wrestling. Terry has been mostly a brawler in his late career resurgence, but he can still really rip it up maestro style on the mat, and when he gets a chance he seems right on the level of guys like Panther, Solar and Navarro. Hechicero is definitely the younger guy (respectively, he has been wrestling since 2001) in lucha most comfortable working a long mat section and he does some very cool stuff, including some nasty rolling leglocks. I also liked how the mat work was more intense and violent then a lot of maestro mat work, this was less of a showcase of technique then a matwork fight. When the match broke down into an actual fight it was awesome. I loved the finish with them brawling into the crowd and Hechicero taking a nasty little bump into folding chairs, they both get their legs stuck and just wail on each other Necro Butcher bar fight style. This was when you really appreciate BTJr.'s cinematography as we are really close up as both guys unload potato shots on each other. So much fun and right up there with the best things anywhere this year

ER: Man this was fun (who could have ever guessed with those two involved?) and made me want to see more Black Terry as he looks as good as ever. The first half of this is all on the mat, and it's some of the most grueling matwork I've seen. Instead of two guys flashily reversing and exchanging holds, both guys looked like they were using all their strength to lock on holds and actually hold them there. My legs started knotting up just watching Hechicero try to pop Terry's head off with a tightly flexed headscissors, and damn does Terry find an amazing way out of it. So Hechicero has a headscissors locked in, with his legs over Terry's shoulders, and Terry lifts his own legs up to grapevine one of Hechicero's legs and begin twisting it. Awesome way out of a sub. The matwork really felt like an exhausting test of wills, really seemed liked something that would gas you out after a few minutes. And that's when the asskicking starts. I think Terry might be the best brawler currently in wrestling. He has so many nasty little short shots, short punches, mean kicks to the knee, the best knee lifts possible, fast and accurate headbutts. He will really just beat a guy around the ring. Hechicero is a great guy to beat around a ring, too, as he always finds fantastic ways to fall into things and get into position for things. Ending is truly unique as the brawl onto the floor and into the crowd and both get their legs wedged into the wooden auditorium chairs. Those things are like Chinese death traps and both guys beat the hell out of each other while stuck, like two animals stuck in a trap fighting and panicking. Crazy stuff.


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