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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Lucha Azteca Workrate Report 9/27/14

So last week the randomly decided to show matches from the 9/13/13 Arena Mexico show. I'm unsure why. It had the Volador/Sombra mask match, so it's possible they were hyping up the Atlantis/UG mask match by showing the promotion's last big wager match? The match that set up the Volador/Sombra match was a relevos increibles match featuring Atlantis/UG vs. Volador/Sombra, with the winners of the match fighting in a singles match for their masks (which seems like an oddly harsh punishment for the winners of a match…), so maybe they were showing just how close Atlantis and UG came to fighting for masks just one year before?

Or maybe the promotion was late delivering the show and they just picked a random show from the last year to air.

Either way, they jump a couple weeks ahead from their normal schedule to bring us the two big WAGER matches from the 9/19/14 Anniversario show!

Hair vs. Hair!

1. Barbaro Cavernario vs. Rey Cometa

This was a real good match, though not as good as the Rush/Casas hair match or the women's mask vs. hair match from that same show. But this was really good. Both guys pulled out some crazy stuff here, with Cometa hitting a moonsault off the entrance and a big time tornillo. Cavernario hits his great array of splashes (the killer one to the floor, all the cool Vader bomb style ones) and bumps all over including a cool Cassandro bump. Cometa leans into all of Cavernario's stiff shots, my favorite being Cavernario blasting him with a superkick on the floor that practically scalps Cometa. Cometa's selling is great afterwards with an awesome "what the hell did I just get hit with!?" expression on his face. I believe Phil pointed it out that it was weird seeing a wager match-as-spotfest, and that's what this was, and it was kind of odd. This did not have the drama of the women's match, it never really felt like either guy had anything major at stake. Even though it should have as both guys have two of the more desirable heads of hair in the promotion, with Cavernario having the MOST hair, and Cometa having a shiny, thick mane (God we're gonna get so much cross-traffic from bronies if I keep typing shit like that). It felt like a big showcase main event for both guys, and I felt it succeeded at that. But it did not feel like MORE than that, which you really need from a great wager match. Still, well worth going out of your way to see.

Mask vs. Mask!!

2. Atlantis vs. Ultimo Guerrero

This match was one of the best of the year and easily made Phil's and my Match of the Year List. I'll just go ahead and link to our review of the match here:

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