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Friday, November 07, 2014

Ongoing 2014 Match of the Year List

3. Atlantis v. Ultimo Guerrero CMLL 9/19

PAS: Wow. Totally exceeded my expectations. Really felt like a classic mascara contra mascara match. The stakes felt really high, two huge stars wagering their masks, which made every near fall huge. Ultimo Guerrero was throwing huge bombs, and Atlantis was trying to survive and catch him with the Alantida, there was a great moment where Guerrero hits the superbomb, rushes in an gets caught with the Altantida, only to have Atlantis collapse against the ropes unable to hold him. I didn't love the finish with UG hitting his reverse superplex, which is always a kill shot, only to get two, and then get caught in the Alantida, almost felt like Atlantis no sold it a bit. This was a superhero in a mask match, so I forgive it a bit, but I thought it was slightly abrupt. Guerrero's career match, everything he did seemed like it was done with more force and intensity, he knew he was losing his mask and he wanted to go out on top. Atlantis is such a great big match worker, he has tremendous timing and presence, he is the Idol of the Children and fights like losing will be breaking the hearts of little kids. Postmatch is great with UG surrendering his mask while his family is sobbing and the crowd is throwing money

ER: Great great GREAT match. I was really nervous going in that this was going to be a bad CMLL move exchange main event, but man it was so much more than that. These are two big masks right here and I love how CMLL kept panning back to show the crowd. They never do that (is it because the upper deck is usually empty?) but pulling back here made everything feel more grand, more large scale, more epic. The drama here was intense, with every move having extra gravity. But I don't think the match was good just because of the stakes, I think even without masks on the line this same sequence of moves would still have created a very good match. The Atlantida collapse into the ropes may have been the spot of the year. UG knowing he was that close to certain doom, like a car accident happening seconds after you squeaked through an intersection. Atlantis knocking UG to the floor has to be among the bumps of the year. That's a move you never see countered and here it happens in extravagant fashion with UG spilling dangerously onto the apron to the floor. The match did lose me a bit with the finish, which I did not like. These two spent the whole match crafting neat counter sequences based on knowing each other's gameplan so well, and then the finish is just one guy hitting their finisher, with the other just standing right up and doing his for the win. That's lazy and obnoxious. But then they go and win me right back with the postmatch, with Ultimo's voice cracking as he removes his mask, and his beautiful family tearfully embracing him. It was an amazing moment that caused me to tear up a bit. And I can honestly say that not many things do that to me. Overall just fantastic stuff.


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