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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

MLJ: 2010: A Garza Odyssey 2: Héctor Garza vs Último Guerrero [CMLL HEAVY]

Taped 2010-01-22 @ Arena México
Último Guerrero © vs Héctor Garza [CMLL HEAVY]

(2:00 in)

Let's see if I can predict this one before even watching. If I get it wrong, I'll be happily surprised. Some matwork to start, maybe going two or three minutes, then on to some sequence with either UG or Garza getting a fairly definitive pin, probably Garza. The second fall has the other one getting a quick roll up sort of win, though since they just did that the week before, I think it has to go at least a minute or two. Then the tercera will be lots of bombs and a couple of dives and lots of selling after each move before UG picks up the win by doing something underhanded or maybe just kicking out of one more move than Garza.

Well, I was close. I know everyone came out of the Anniversary show this year raving about Atlantis vs UG, and for good reason, but I think there was quite a bit of apprehension coming in and one reason for that was a perception of years of formulaic and lazy big matches out of UG. I know I was wildly disappointed with his match with Rey Bucanero back in 06 when I was looking at that. This was better but not by much.

UG was seconded by Atlantis. Rey was seconded by Hijo del Fantasma who is around quite a bit this year so I should see more of him before all is said and done. Garza always seems so unflappable, like he's not even fully there. Random question if anyone knows: do luchadors get a significantly bigger payday for losing a title match? For some up and comers, it feels like a step up just to be in a title match but for guys like Garza, I think it hurts them to lose one, especially repeatedly. Because they're relatively rare, it feels like dropping the ball to me, a real lost opportunity. I don't know if the crowds feel that way as well.

The primera had some matwork, which was fine, good even. They worked very well together and everything seemed smooth and natural. Unfortunately, right when I thought this match might break the mold, Garza hit a bodyslam, a spinning moonsault headbutt for two, and then immediately put UG away with a forward falling powerbomb. They went maybe 5% over the average in what they did but it wasn't enough to be notable. The segunda again, went about 5% over the average. They just got started when Garza hit a jump up moonsault to a standing UG, a beautiful one at that. He's so damn fluid and smooth for a guy that looks like he should be mainly doing headlocks. Unfortunately, he played the character to a T as he then took the time to taunt and pull his pants off (to reveal the tights underneath). This let UG roll him up for the three.

The tercera was fine but like a lot of these matches, there just wasn't enough of it. I don't think it was clipped. It didn't feel that way. Garza started out showing a bit (but just a bit of fire) after how he lost the segunda. UG would take over with a spinning clothesline reversal and they went back and forth with roll ups a huge spinning Garza plancha and more selling than the match had warranted after that. It all ended with Garza going back up top but taking his good time, posing to the crowd and being himself. This let UG recover, crotch him and hit the Guerrero Special for the win.

This wasn't a bad match or anything but it was another point in the chart of disappointing Ultimo Guerrero title matches. Despite that, it didn't do anything to dissuade me that Garza will be fun to watch, which is good because we're just getting started.

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