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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Been Talking About Black Terry Ever Since The Fire Went Out

Black Terry/Negro Navarro v. Solar/Mano Negra Lucha Libre VIP 3/10/07- EPIC

God bless the internet, because in previous years all of these spot show matches with old fat luchadores ruling it on the mat were lost forever. Now they are starting to seep out and end up on the computer where I can watch them. This isn't as great as 2006's "let's show these punks how lucha libre is supposed to be" match (Villanos/Negro Navarro v. Heavy Metal/Dos Caras Jr./Solar) but was still pretty brilliant. The match starts out matching Solar and Navarro, and we know what those two bring to the table, surprisingly their first caida matwork is out shined by Black Terry and Mano Negra ruling it.

I knew all of the other guys could still go, but I had no idea Mano Negra still could work at this level, he had this awesome poofy hair that made him look like the corporate villain in an 80's sex comedy ("This is the only mountain that will let us snowboard, and they want to shut it down), and he and Terry do some awesome leverage standing stuff, and some great matwork counters. The second caidia mixes up the pairings and again both matchups are great. Black Terry is amazing, he is 54 years old, but in great shape and moves and bumps like he is 30 years younger. I think you could throw a mask on him and stick him Guerreros Del Inferno and people would think he was some hot shot young indy guy CMLL repackaged. The third fall, they match Navarro and Solar up again and they do a fast roll up section which was incredible, slick, quick and amazing. I also liked how they ran a draw finish with two double eliminations, rather then a time limit or a double DQ. At one point Coloso Colesetti on commentary yells out "They wanted the lucha, here is the lucha." Can't say it any better then that

Black Terry/Shu el Guerrero v. El Signo/Negro Navarro IWRG 8/20/09- GREAT

TKG: This is Temerarios v Missioneros. Signo looked a bunch of steps off but if there is anyone who can walk a guy through a good looking brawl it’s Black Terry. I will also never tire of Shu’s signature mat stuff. They need to find two young guys to put in trio with Shu, cause I enjoy him way too much to only get to see him once a year. The finish to the third fall had both Signo and Shu eliminated and Terry and Navarro facing off and fuck these are guys I enjoy facing off.

PAS: I think I enjoyed this more then Tom, we are clearly spoiled in 2009, as this kind of thing showing up two years ago would have blown us away. The Navarro v. Terry sections were so amazing, the punch exchanges felt like Lawler v. Mantel awesome, and I loved how the matwork moved from competitive one upsmanship, to really violent cranking. At one point Navarro has this neck strecth submission while fishooking a bloody Black Terry, if I ever get a tattoo, it will be that. Shu and Signo were fine, Signo has a cool looking mask, and I liked the punches on Terry's cut a bunch, but damn Terry and Navarro need to grow their hair back so I can see the epic hair match already.

Black Terry/Negro Navarro v. Ultraman/Solar Arena Neza 5/1/10-GREAT

This is your touring maestros match, which is always a pleasure to watch, but usually a step below truly next level lucha libre. The focus as usual is on the Solar v. Navarro matchup, they are guys who match up constantly but always bring nifty new wrinkles to their exchanges. Here it was contested mostly on their feet, as they were doing dueling armdrags and takedowns, and rolling into more pinning combinations then submissions. In fact the only time they would really wrench on a submission it would end a fall. Black Terry is matched up mostly with Ultraman and he has some nice moments, but Ultraman isn't best suited to this kind of mat exchange match. I really would have liked to see this break down a bit, and have Black Terry and Ultraman brawl. Navarro and Solar can sometimes overwhelm their partners which may have happened a bit here.


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