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Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Japan BOSJ 2010 Pt. 4

Kushida v. Fergil Devitt 6/1

I liked a fair amount of Devitt's arm work in this, he had a bunch of cool twisty wristlocks and pressure holds that really looked great. Didn't end up meaning anything, but it was cool. Match was pretty weak. Kushida is the worst guy in this tourney so far, if you are going to work a super spotty style, your spots need to look good. Kushida's stuff looked totally ass, awful moonsault, somersault plancha which he barely cleared the ropes, weak sauce rolling elbows. He really had a Fire Ant feel to him.

Davey Richards v. Gedo 6/2

Another really fun Gedo performance, he does a bunch of nifty work on Richards knee, and I loved how he kept cutting off Richards "FIGHTING SPIRIT" comebacks with pokes to the eye. Still didn't care for this match, Richards irritates me. He is so over the top in this match he feels like a drag queen doing a camp Chris Benoit impression. Gedo hits him with a chair and he yells "AAARRGGHHH", and then does this really showy limping. "Look everyone, MY KNEE HURTS!!" It almost impossible to suspend belief with him emoting like a Community Theatre Stanley Kowalski.


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