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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

IWRG 2/7/10

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IWRG on Segunda Caida

Alan Extreme v. Imperial

PAS: This really felt like two training partners debuting their touring match on an IWA-MS show. I almost expected Pirata Morgan to come out with a microphone and put over these two youngsters as the future of the business. For that match it was really well done, both guys have cool spots which they execute well with each other. Alan Extreme really broke out some nasty power moves, and landed the stiffest Matt Sydal/Miz corner clothesline I have seen.

TKG:Dinamic Black is Alan Extreme’s indy touring partner. This wasn’t as polished but still worked well together. Alan won this in two straight falls and worked a real tough (almost bruiser) heel cutting off underdog babyface. Phil mentioned the Miz/Sydal lariat in the corner but at different points in the match Alan also cuts Imperial off and wastes him with a nasty kick to the chest, does a thigh slapping face cracker where he launches his shins through Imperial’s face, and lariats Imperial’s legs off the apron. I’ve said before that Imperial is really good at charismatic underdog eating a beating and worth rewinding all these bits to see how Imperial sells them. I’m not sure if Alan Extreme v Guizmo would be as effective.

Avisman/El Hijo De Signo v. Heros/Eragon

PAS: This was a pretty awesome one man Avisman show. He is married with Heros who is game but lacking. First he leads him through a nice looking mat section where he twist and turns him all over. Then he kicks the shit out of him for the next couple of falls, while nicely eating all of his comebacks. Subpar performances by Eragon and Hijo Del Signo, both of whom I am souring on, but this totally worth checking out for kick ass Avisman.

TKG: At one point the complaint about Avisman was that he was really great at first fall stretching rookie, but not as good at second/third fall brawling and eating hot face offense. That is no longer the case. As he is really great in the second and third fall here. Eragon and Signo have a hard time moving from feeling out mat work straight into quick exchanges in first fall. But I liked what I think was an Eragon reversal of Avisman F5 thing in first fall (2:45 into second part) and Signo is good through most of the heel beating up faces falls. Eros may replace Imperial as my favorite Novato when it comes to selling a beating. I especially liked the point in the third fall when he is being lifted for the double team (2:50 in third) and he just goes scarecrow limp.

El Hijo Del Pirata/Trauma I/Trauma II v. El Hijo Del Pantera/Chico Che/Angel

PAS: Fun trios match, Traumas are pretty much unimpeachable at this point. They are just delivering every week. El Hijo Del Pirata is also on a big run of great matches. Not the strongest technico performance. Angel is pretty worthless, and Trauma II was stuck trying to work him on the mat. Both Chico Che and Hijo Del Pantera had fun rope running sections in the third fall, but didn't do a ton in the first two. Still the rudos are strong enough that you want to watch them wrestle.

TKG: The “Rudos get the better part of a street fight which leads to them isolating and triple teaming tecnicos., which gives other tecnicos time to recover and mount a comeback” match isn’t a match that demands a ton from the tecnicos. At best they should sell and be able to hit their third fall spots. Hijo del Pantera isn’t any good at selling but the Traumas are guys you want to watch in a streetfight and beating folks up. I was super impressed with Trauma I here. I expected him to match up in the end opposite Chico Che in a battle of powerhouses. Instead they match him up with the most juniory of opponents in Hijo del Pantera. Trauma I does a really good job of credibly selling for Hijo del Pantera potentially dainty looking offense.

Gringo Loco/El Hijo Del Diablo v. Black Terry/Dr. Cerebro

PAS: I am not usually a fan of lucha cage matches, but this wasn't worked like a normal lucha cage match. This was Slaughter/Kernodle v. Steamboat/Youngblood, four guys locked in a cage trying to beat each other to death. All four guys bleed a ton. Loco breaks out the cactus again, and they were really used like barbed wire boards, as people were taking nasty back bumps on them. Loco escapes first and comes back with a steel chair and all of the guys eat some nasty chair shots. The match ends up with Diablo and Terry, Diablo hits a martinete on a chair which is a finish to match.

TKG: I like lucha cage matches more than Phil. Once they get down to few enough people, I like the dynamic where participants are forced to choose between the loyalties to allies and the need for self preservation. At their best I also like the change in strategy from first ten minutes where participants are not allowed to escape and that ten minute mark where they can make a run for it. I thought they played into that really well here. The first ten minutes had Dr Cerebro working at (RIP) King of the Cage Rusher Kimura speed. He would stoically eat stuff and attack opponent with real slow deliberateness. No fast exchanges or speedy explosiveness. Just deliberately walking over and blasting guys. The ten minutes end and the race is on. He shifts up in speed but he can’t move at his normal full speed as he’s selling damage of first ten minutes. Sense that you are watching beat down marathoner trying to pick up speed to race for the finish line. I have watched a ton of lucha cage matches and this is the most I can ever remember that ten minute mark announcement and the shifts that result from it contributing to building the drama. Once guys finally do escape and it comes down to Terry and Hijo del Diablo, all the various attempts at outside interference are done really well and just raise the tension of the whole thing. But when it comes down to it, what matters is the final battle between Black Terry v Hijo Del Pirata. Everything else contributes to the drama but these guys needed to deliver, and fuck do they deliver.

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