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Friday, June 11, 2010

IWRG 2/14/10


Comando Negro v Dinamic Black

PAS: Perfectly fine undercard match. These are two of the better young guys in IWRG, although young guys are going to have some awkward moments. The end of the second fall was a total mess, with both guys clearly on different pages. They had some nice spots too, Dinamic hits one of his crazy multiple springboard armdrags, and a really nice tope which Commando took by flipping backward over the railing. Finish was nicely set up too. Not a good match really, but I do enjoy watching these kids work out the kinks.

TKG: I liked how Comando Negro turned every weird stretch into a pinfall attempt in their opening technical fall but Dinamic Black was really awkward and indifferent applying submissions. Dinamic black did more highspots than he did in their last one on one meeting and Comando Negro takes an even crazier eat of the tope than he did last time. The third fall felt like these two might have something if they can put there stuff together two seconds faster.Don't know if it will make you forget Farooq v Flash Funk, but it feels like they might eventually get something.

Hijo Del Signo/Alan Extreme v. Heros/Eragon

TKG: Technical fall has Heros match up opposite Allan Extreme doing elaborate goofy submission and roll up exchanges. Normally in this context a guy who is super-flexible like Heros would be folded up into a pretzel. Instead Heros uses his flexibility to pretzel and monkey himself around Alan to hook in submissions and roll ups. The Eragon v Signo Jr technical section is less elaborate but still really neat as it felt more like they were fighting for everything. This was the complete opposite of technical fall being worked like models moving from pose to pose. Instead they would start to roll up opponent into submission and then start to roll out and then roll into different thing. No pose moment. Heros does a neat multiple springboard into rana and eats an absolutely nasty double clothesline. And on some level this match was a Heros showcase. Second fall is mostly Heros working FIP against double team while the refs check out Eragon. And the third fall has him throw out a nutty dive and work long singles section of nearfalls opposite Signo Jr, which included an awesome reversal of a quebradora attempt into a roll up.

PAS: This was about as good an undercard match as you are going to get. Really great enthusiastic matwork opening fall. Perfectly fine second fall rudo brawling and a pretty hot third fall with some crazy dives, including an Alan Extreme Orihara Moonsault and Heros with kind of a double jump Valiente special. There was some awkward spots (first fall ending with double backcrackers almost seems like a rib) including a finish run that didn't do a ton for me. There was lots of really fun stuff and it feels like all four guys are developing into something

Gringo Loco/Avisman/El Hijo Del Diablo v. Angel/Zatura/Suicida

PAS: Really fun brawl. Loco and Diablo have their shtick down pat, I loved the Star Spangled Banner intro. I am not sold on Avisman as the third Loco, his strengths are crazy submissions and matwork, and this is a gimmick which doesn't play into that at all. Now that Bombero Infernal lost his mask, he would have been great as the turncoat. Suicida is a guy who has been around for ever, but is killing it lately, he was all over this match, flying, bumping, kicking ass and eating a beating. I also will always dig Zatura, although there was one moment where he really awkwardly placed himself for a Gringo Loco springboard, he is normally so good that you forget how young he is. This could have used more time, as it felt like a RAW match to set up the PPV Locos v. Terrible Cerebros match next week. Still a fun RAW match.

TKG: On paper you wouldn’t expect Gringo Loco and Avisman to work together so well, but they teamed a bunch in 2009 on undercards and there is a real polish to them running through heel double teams. This was pretty much heel double and triple team till face comeback formula. And Phil is right that Suicida was the star of that comeback. He just absolutely wastes the heels fighting back to control. His whole run starting with the double back elbows to knocking the shit out of Avisman to dumping Avisman on rail to executing a running drop kick from the floor to apron to waste Gringo Loco to going back to again wasting Avisman with a mafia kick on the floor, through his second fall finish run where he keeps on trying for a rana variation but Hijo Del Diablo keeps cutting him off till Diablo is faced with the fact that Suicida just has too many ways to set up a rana…is just a spectacular run. I don’t know what’s happened to Oscar Sevilla. I was willing to excuse Angel in the last match, since it wasn’t one that demanded much of tecnicos. But here he was given some space to do something and looked like he isn’t as good as Leono, doesn’t bring as much to the table as 2010 Lizmark Jr.



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