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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

New Japan BOSJ 2010 Pt. 2

Tama Tonga v. Nobuo Yoshihashi 6/2

This was a pretty generic match between the two most generic guys in this tournament. Yoshihashi does hit a really great looking dropkick which look like it may have messed up Tonga's shoulder, outside of that it was pretty blah. Nothing about this was bad, but nothing about it was memorable either. I will except either grass skirts or FUBU jerseys from my Samoans. I went to high school in the Bay Area I knew plenty of Samoans who dressed like the Boo Yaa Tribe, sold crack and kept pistols in their glove compartments. I totally bought the Samoan Gangster Party, but black trunks and roll of the dices don't cut it.

Kenny Omega v. Hayato Jr. Fujita 6/2

Kenny Omega of all people starts out this tourney with two matches I really dug, not something I would have predicted when I started this project. Match starts out as a showcase for Omega's stuff, he has some fun offense, including a nice flip dive, but I did think this part went a bit long, Fujita is too good to be just an Omega dance partner. It kind of worked for the story of the match, as Fujita was getting flummoxed by Omega's fancy shit, as decided to turn the match into a fight. Last four minutes though are pretty great. Hayato hits a nasty pump kick, running knee combo, and takes over beating the shit out of Omega. They really go toe to toe at the end including a section where they are punching each other back and forth Necro style in the mouth. FInish is pretty cool too, as I liked how Fujita countered the big German suplex, and the running knee looked way nastier here then it did in his first match.


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