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Monday, June 14, 2010


The Summer of Segunda Caida started out with a Labor day Schneider Comp. The theme of this comp was "Digging in the Crates" as I tried to find some great matches which most folks wouldn't be familiar with. If you are interested in this or any of the other 23 Schneider Comps e-mail Goodhelmet at All proceeds from the comp will be going to help out the widow of a buddy of Will's who passed away from cancer. So you can watch some badass wrestling and help someone in need.


Disc 1

Pirata Morgan, Hombre Bala y El Verdugo vs. Mascara Sagrada, Atlantis y Super Astro (EMLL 1989)

9 minutes of balls to the wall bumps and spots. It is pretty much the Maximos/Red v. Divine Storm/XL CZW match, where the rudos are the fucking Piratas instead of Divine Storm and Brian XL

Heavy Hitters vs. Nigerian Nightmares (JAPW 9/20/08)

All over the arena brawl, basically a Moondogs match with a pair of morbidly obese African dudes flipping and getting smashed in the head with chairs. JAPW arena brawls are some of the coolest things in wrestling and this is one of the best of them

Stan Hansen & Genichiro Tenryu vs. Giant Baba & Rusher Kimura (AJ 11/29/89)

Tenryu and Hansen are about the most terrifying team you can imagine. Here they brutally beat a pair of lovable old guys, who rally and fight back. Just a great story and a great match.

Jerry Blackwell vs. Butch Reed (2/3 Falls) (St. Louis 1982)

Shockingly better then it even looks on paper. This was a TV match which felt more like a huge main event, and it some of the best stuff either guy has ever done.

Kiyoshi Tamura vs. Hiroyuki Ito (U-Style 8/18/04)

U-Style was this great little promotion which lasted a year or so, did something that no one else was doing, and did it great. Ito was a guy with 20 or so pro-wrestling matches in his career and he was just a natural at the style, this is a shoot style war, encompassing everything brilliant in that style.

Multifacitico vs. Black Terry (IWRG 4/17/08)

Black Terry has been the best wrestler in the world over the last five years, and this is one of his classics. Hair v. Mask and Terry carries Multifacitico to something truly special. Bloody, intense fight which feels like a legendary 80’s and 90’s lucha match, something you don’t get much of anymore.

Stan Hansen & Dan Kroffat vs. Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson (AJ 10/26/88)

Nifty opportunity to see the Rock and Roll’s work in Japan. Morton is amazing here, he has tremendous chemistry with both Hansen and Kroffat, and I loved all of R+R’s cat and mouse stuff with Hansen.

Tyson Kidd vs. Finlay (ECW 5/12/09)

A textbook example of why the return of Finlay has been one of the most awesome wrestling stories of the last decade. He gets some time and has just a blast of a match with a greenish junior. So many nifty little touches which always make Finlay special.

Genichiro Tenryu v. Tarzan Goto (WAR 7/6/97)

Interpromotional wars like this are one of my favorite things about Japaneese wrestling. Big time main event with blood, brutality and a nuclear crowd. Goto is one of the more underrated guys in the last twenty years, and he is great here.

Ole Anderson vs. Genichiro Tenryu (AJ 4/5/86)

Short fun match. Ole goes after the arm like a pitbull on a porkchop and Tenryu fights back by punching Ole in the eye. Great shit, would have loved for these guys to have a long feud.

Buddy Rose vs. Lonnie Mayne (2/3/Falls) (Portland 10/1/77)

A little taste of the Legendary Buddy Rose, really fun 2/3 falls match which has kind of gritty Mean Streets feel that the best 70’s wrestling has. Rose does so many little cool things during the course of the match, and Mayne is just great.

Bull Pain vs. Mike Enos (WCWSN 9/26/98)

7 minute heavyweight spotfest which is a taste of the greatness WCW TV would throw out there multiple times a week. Bull Pain is another of the hidden awesome wrestlers which these comps are made to showcase.

Tommy Rich vs. Jerry Lawler Feud (Memphis 1987)

Newly discovered Memphis gem which would have finished pretty high on my 80s Memphis ballot if we had it. We get clips of great looking brawl, an awesome Tommy Rich promo, and then a long classic Memphis Main Event, with all the bumps, blood and drama which that promises.

Disc 2

Mike Awesome, Tazz, RVD & Rhino vs. William Regal, Tajiri, Kane & Chris Jericho (Handheld 7/28/01)

Super hot 8 man tag from a house show during the invasion. As bad as that angle was blown, the crowds were super into the early match ups. All the great wrestlers here are great and even the less great guys are a ton of fun.

Valiente vs. Rey Hechihero (LLA 1/27/08)

Super lucha title match, with the spectacular Valiente and the rarely seen Rey Hechichiro. Great twisty mat work, big highspots and a dramatic final stanza. Lucha Libre at its best.

Dustin Rhodes & Southern Boys vs. Fabulous Freebirds & Badstreet (WCWSN 6/15/91)

Classic horseshit match, they pretty much run through every bit of legendary wrestling shtick and invent a ton of new stuff. They go ten minutes without even locking up and it is awesome.

Andre the Giant vs. Strong Kobayashi (Japan 5/6/72)

Folks who were digging Andre on the NJ 80’s set, get a chance to look at a young slim Andre rip it up. Great matwork and agility by Andre and Kobyashi is pretty great too. Really a treat to watch.

Mark Jindrak vs. Doug Basham (Velocity 3/26/05)

I love these kind of short well worked TV matches. Only goes about 4 minutes, but Basham takes an insane backdrop, Jindrak hits a Santo headscissors and a big left hand. Fun shit, we may have to do a WWE B-Sides after we finish the WCW B-sides

Great Sasuke & Tarzan Goto vs. Mr. Pogo & Toi (M-Pro 12/10/93)

Cool mashup of lucharesu match, southern tag and garbage wrestling match. Sasuke is a great face in peril, and Goto is a tremendous hot tag, while Toi and Pogo are a tremendous sleaze ball heel team

Bill Dundee vs. Dutch Mantell (Scaffold Match) (Memphis 5/16/83)

Bill Dundee is so amazing on a scaffold, lots of very cool visuals, including Dundee lashing Mantell with shoo baby on the top of the scaffold. Dundee is so agile, and he is just great at hanging dangerously off of a scaffold.

Shinya Hashimoto & Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs. Kohei Sato & Hirotaka Yokoi (Zero-One 8/15/04)

My favorite 2000’s Fujiwara match, just a brutal fight with Shinya Hashimoto as intimidating and violent as he gets. Yokoi and Sato die trying

Shinya Hashimoto & Tadao Yasuda vs. Tamon Honda & Masao Inoue (Zero-One 04/18/01)

Another great bit of interpromotional Japaneese wrestling. Crowd is nuclear for Z1 v. NOAH and all four guys go after it. Honda may be the most underrated guy of this decade and he just rules here. I would have loved to see him v. Hash in a singles match, but this will have to do.

Tamon Honda vs. Akitoshi Saito (NOAH 3/30/03)

Honda may have been the best wrestler in the world in 2003, and this was one of his lesser known classics. Both guys are just killing each other here, and this feels like a big main event from two guys who didn’t normally have that kind of opportunity.

Chris Hero vs. Michael Todd Stratton (IWA-MS 2/8/03)

This is a chance for folks to acquaint themselves with the tremendous Todd Morton, as he and Hero throw out a corker. Stratton (Morton) takes some huge bumps and lays out some great offense. He is the 2000s version of Bill Dundee and this is what Dundee vs. Barry Windham would have looked like


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