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Thursday, July 04, 2019

Complete and Accurate WWF 305 Live!

Big fat guys are inarguably the best thing about pro wrestling. And honestly, we have an absolute DEARTH of GIRTH in pro wrestling right now, and we should not only feel completely shamed by our lustful need for abs, but we should be taking to the streets and boycotting shows until the belly is back. Less CROSSFIT, more HOSSFAT! WWF has had the most heavy duty equipment putting strain on their rings, so this C&A will cover every single instance of 300+ pound men colliding in a WWE ring. Everyone in these matches will have a billed weight of 300+, with only occasional couple pound exceptions. The only thing this project is about, is documenting all of that beef. And, of course, documenting dozens of terrible Undertaker/Kane matches. Requests are welcome in the comments, and as always all matches will be rated SKIPPABLE, FUN, VERY GOOD, GREAT, and EPIC.


Dusty Rhodes vs. Akeem WWF Wrestling Challenge 11/19/89 - EPIC


Big Bossman vs. Buddy Rose WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/22/90 - FUN


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Typhoon WWF Raw 5/10/93 - FUN


Earthquake vs. Bastion Booger WWF Wrestling Challenge 2/20/94 - FUN
Mabel/Typhoon vs. Yokozuna/Crush WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/31/94 - GREAT
Duke Droese vs. Bam Bam Bigelow WWF Superstars 10/8/94 - VERY GOOD


Vader/Mankind vs. Sycho Sid/Undertaker WWF Raw 3/10/97 - FUN


Mark Henry vs. Undertaker WWE Smackdown 1/30/09 - VERY GOOD
Festus vs. The Big Show WWE Smackdown 1/30/09 - GREAT

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Blogger Davey C said...

This is 100% the kind of content that I return to this site for. For all that the current WWE has a stacked roster, they've kept their fat boys depressingly separate. Maybe we'll get a Dave Mastiff/WALTER battle or Killian Dain/Keith Lee at some point.
As for suggestions, obviously the Mark Henry/Big Show matches from 2011 were great, and there's a shockingly decent Typhoon/Diesel match from Raw 22/8/94

2:10 PM  

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