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Monday, August 07, 2017

2017 Ongoing MOTY List: Gable v. Rusev

36. Chad Gable v. Rusev WWE Smackdown 8/1

ER: Two weeks after I openly wondered how far Gable's stock will drop post American Alpha, WWE tells me how much of an idiot I am by giving these two plenty of time to craft a neat little match. Gable is still being plagued by these damn mid match commercial breaks (it's almost more cruel to be forced to watch matwork on 1/16 of your TV while an irritating anti-smoking PSA covers up 3/4 than just seeing none of it), but man this was a blast. I love how Gable is always the aggressor no matter the size difference, and no matter who has the advantage. He keeps coming at Rusev the whole match, which gives him some openings he wouldn't have otherwise gotten, but also leads to his demise. The rolling belly to belly suplexes was a total holy shit spot, Rusev sold everything great throughout, and I liked all the subsequent suplex blocks. The moonsault was a great nearfall and the way Rusev sold the ankle lock made it look like a credible finisher. I loved the aggression leading to the finish, with Gable getting shaken off, charging back in and getting folded by a big kick. Gable gleams on!

PAS: Gable has really great single leg shoots, he attacks the legs like he is an a gold medal olympic match, and that aggressiveness adds a lot to to his matches. I did like how that aggressiveness led to the finish, he came forward and got counter punched by a thrust kick. I do wish that he would dump the ankle lock and moonsault, he doesn't need either and they make him look too much like an Angle cover band. Jordan is doing son of Angle over on RAW, gift him those moves and figure out a different submission and dive.


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