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Friday, August 04, 2017

2017 Ongoing MOTY LIst: RAW Three Way

24. Samoa Joe v. Roman Reigns v. Braun Stroman WWE Raw 7/31

PAS: With this four way heavyweight battle on RAW we are in one of great moments that the WWE gets in, it's like Eddie and Rey feuding over Dominic or the Shield having awesome tags and trios with the Rhodes brothers, it never lasts so enjoy it now. Post Summerslam we are probably going to see sucksters like Seth Rollins and Finn Balor get moved up, but right now it is big motherfuckers pounding on each other. I loved Braun in this, his selling of the Kokina clutch on the floor was awesome, and when he returned he was beasting including just running through both guys like a cop knocking down a door with his shoulder.  I love how Roman uses the superman punch, he has figured out a bunch of different ways to mix it in, and it almost always looks great. Surprised that Roman looked so dominant in the finish, although that probably means he is losing at Summerslam.

ER: The tricky thing about any kind of three way is properly integrating the extra person. And this was like any kind of high end three way, in that it had great integration, some innovative spots, some choking, clever use of props, and a satisfying finish for everybody watching. These three can basically do no wrong at the moment, and Phil is right, enjoy it while it lasts. This was mapped out pretty perfectly, the second one dance partner would get dispatched the other two would pick it up, everyone working in and out of things so great. Joe gets left laying in the ring, Braun and Roman brawl off through the crowd, Braun ditches Roman, gets caught by Joe's nasty choke (best sub in WWE since...when? Brock's stretch muffler? Eddie's Lasso from El Paso?), Braun looking like his lights are going out, and man these guys just seamlessly working into and out of nice sequences. Roman knows when best to use the superman punch, surprising Joe around a corner and off the ring steps with one and later knocking Braun out while he was holding the ring steps. I loved how the ring steps were used as a threat. The three never used weapons but there was a threat of them: Joe teasing a dvd into the steps, Braun setting them up, Roman vaulting off them, and finally Braun coming close to using them and it leading to him getting taken out. This is the most I've enjoyed Joe in over a decade; his attacks mesh so well with these guys and he always goes down like a shot. These guys just need to keep matching up for the next few months.


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