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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

2016 Ongoing MOTY List: Cuerno v. Muertes Death Match

King Cuerno v. Mil Muertes Lucha Underground 1/30 (Aired 7/13/16)

ER: Yeah this was awesome. As it started I actually thought it was going to be Mil just steamrolling Cuerno, and that would kind of make sense considering how Cuerno has been treated this season. He really hasn't been booked as a guy who should be able to hang with Muertes. All season he's been booked as the least important man in 6 man tags, and losing almost all of his singles matches. So when Muertes came out and just plowed through him the first few minutes I thought "yep this seems right" and figured I would just sit back and enjoy Cuerno getting knocked upside down by lariats and tossed through stacks of chairs. But then Cuerno hits his awesome tope and a big crossbody off the railing and suddenly Cuerno is punching Muertes in the face all the way up the Temple steps, and Muertes goes face first through a window. Cuerno tumbles all the way back down the Temple steps and man we've got a fight. I loved Cuerno shoving Catrina outs of the way, which sets off a wild mama bear instinct in Muertes, with him violently plastering Cuerno through all of the tables that had been set up earlier. Out of control brawls seem to be LU's specialty, and this was a good one.

PAS: I thought this was a step below the all time Muerte street fight classics, but was still good violent fun. Muertes dominates most of this with big shots, he has some of the better meaty punches in wrestling history, reminds me of peak Jim Duggan. I liked all of the big Cuerno spots, awesome tope and the wall walk DDT was fun too. The crowbar shots at the end of the match felt like watching a murder, and that martinete was crushing. I would have liked to see the smashes through the windows mean a little more, but I still enjoyed this a lot. Big match Muertes is one of the best guys in the world.


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