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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mil Muertes is Not an Apostle But He'll Bring the Axe to Your Back

Mil Muertes v. Pentagon Dark Lucha Underground 10/23/16 - FUN

This was a state fair streetfight and was worked kind of like an ECW house show brawl. Lots of chairshots and garbage can shots, I could see this kind of thing being really fun to watch at State Fair in between Demolition Derby's and a 38 Special Concert. There was one awesome spot where Pentagon tried a top rop diving arm drag and Muertes just caught him mid air and powered out of it. Muertes also threw some of his driving power punches. Still this was mostly D-Von Dudley v. Tommy Dreamer in 1999.

Mil Muertes v. Ramses Lucha Libre Presenta 5/7/17 - SKIPPABLE

Sometimes while surfing the internet you come across a random looking cool match, that is the beauty of Youtube, stuff just shows up. sometime you find gems, sometimes you find a Canal Street Rolex shiny on the surface, but then you notice the second hand doesn't move smoothly. Silver King under a mask v. Mil Muertes looks like a fun match, haven't seen much Silver King recently, but he is a guy I loved back in the WCW days. Unfortunately Silver King looks washed, and Mil was on house show duty. There were some nice punches by Mil, but Ramses couldn't get off of his feet for throws, and there was a bunch of heel ref nonsense. Not worth much.


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Anonymous bucky said...

Phil you should check out his match with Bob Holly from AAW in April. It wasn't some blowaway MOTYC, but I was in the audience losing my shit over Holly lighting him up with chops. Definitely a Segunda Caida kind of match.

1:22 PM  

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