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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Last Gleaming Glimpse of Gable?

So American Alpha has been broken up, so that the member of AA who nobody actually remembers watching can have a soon-to-be-failed singles push. Gable will no doubt also flounder, though perhaps we may see him fight Tye Dillinger on an upcoming PPV pre-show. I'm not too optimistic we'll be seeing anything of interest from either going forward, so I thought I'd showcase the last fun Gable match, which feels like the last time he'll be treated any kind of special:

Kevin Owens v. Chad Gable (WWE Smackdown 6/20/17)

American Alpha hasn't been on TV in a couple months at this point, so when Gable came out as an open challenge opponent for Owens I wasn't expecting a whole lot. Then Gable starts throwing go behind takedowns and it becomes impossible to not get into it. This was a real fun style clash with Owens trying to smash Gable while Gable threw him with pint size strength. Gable bumps big and misses hard, really makes Owens look like Godzilla, crashing and burning to the floor and into the barricade, scrambling out of the way of a cannonball to hit a huge chaos theory suplex; Owens does exasperated bully really well here, loved when he kicked the middle rope while Gable's neck was resting on it, and this was certainly one of his better pop up powerbombs. I always like open challenge as a match set-up, but the matches usually fall short; this one delivered a nice compact explosion. It's 7 minutes, nothing major, but managed to make Gable look like a potential threat. Maybe I'm wrong and they'll give him something interesting to do. But until further notice, this match feels like the lat glimpse of what could have been.

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Blogger Davey C said...

Did you see the Styles match the following week? Was really fun too, and made Gable seen like a threat

6:02 AM  
Blogger Discotortoise said...

Writing Gable's chances off seems premature but it is incredible to think how much of an absolute fuckup the cruiserweight division has been. There's a guy who can carry the entire thing if it wasn't just Super Astros in English. One of the worst vanity project attempts ever.

8:51 AM  
Blogger EricR said...

To respond to both, I didn't like the Styles match nearly as much as the Owens match, but appreciate what they were going for. And, yes, it is probably very premature to write off how they handle Gable, but as our opinions on 205 match up, you know why I'm expecting it. English language Superastros is far and away the best description I've heard for it.

6:05 PM  

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