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Monday, February 06, 2017

Low-Ki is Hibernating the Junction With Killin Something When You Were Barely Dumping

Low-Ki/Homicide/Eddie Kingston v. Drago/Brian Cage/Pentagon Jr. AAW 11/26/16-FUN

PAS: The Rottweilers come back after Ki's big debut the previous month, and this was sort of an on-paper dream match, really worked like a dream match, with lots of signature spots and face offs, but not a lot of structure.  I like Homicide grinding a jagged edge of a beer can into someones head, Homicide working roping running segments with Drago doesn't do it for me as much. Ki looked great when he was in, but either hurt his knee or worked a knee injury, so spent most of the match on the ring apron. His new look with the Hitman suit is totally boss though.  It gets cooking in the last couple of minutes, but ends a bit abruptly. Drago looked pretty bad, he is a guy with some great dives, and not much else, so flying him in and having him do no dives is a weird decision. This was a good idea in concept, a little disappointing in execution.


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