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Sunday, February 05, 2017

Accept Ikeda as He's Not and That's a Shitfit

Daisuke Ikeda v. Mitsuya Nagai BattlArts 1/30/00- FUN

Nagai is a an ex-RINGS guy and isn't great, but had his moments over the years as a crowbar. I am going to want to rewatch his Volk Han matches, to see if he can be carried to a great match, because this wasn't it. Nagai had some big thumping kicks which were the highlight here, but his legwork was pretty pedestrian, and instead of two big kickers throwing shots, both guys start climbing to the top for some reason. Silly to have a shootstyle match determined by who can hit their top rope move. I hadn't seem Ikeda use his flipping dropkick before, and it was fine that he kept that a one time move. There were some moments of violence, like you would expect from any Ikeda BattlArts match, but overall this was pretty disappointing.


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