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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Super Dragon Has a Crime Record Like Charles Manson

Super Dragon v. TARO Rev Pro 7/7/00-GREAT

This was the earliest Super Dragon match I could find and I was surprised at how well it held up. Dragon had mostly developed all of the traits I liked about him, even as a babyface he is still a crowbarring asskicking motherfucker. TARO is a stick skinny dude in a lucha match, he looks like he has DJ Qualls physique, but he can take a hellacious ass whipping. SD dumps him on his head, slaps cheek tissue out of his mouth and even rocking chairs his head into a wall. The Psycho Driver SD lands to finish the match was grotesque. TARO gets most of his offense off by cheating and outside interference, but I did like some of his reversals including a snap rana out of a Tiger Driver. Might have gone a bit too long, and it was hard to buy TARO near falls, but this was damn fun stuff, and I am excited to revisit more pre PWG Dragon.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a Thunder match from late 1998 with SD and Blitzkreig against Ron Rivera as Wild Child and Hellblazer that's on YouTube, that Ron and Konnan had arranged that got Blitz the job in the company.

Taro and Dragon are actually cousins who grew up across the street from each other in Garden Grove. Taro got well connected with Ron Rivera over the years, which led to Revolution Pro being formed and the promotion running for years out of City of Industry, Anaheim, and other places until Pro Wrestling Guerrila was formed and Rev Pro went under

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