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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Jose Lothario Never Thought He'd Plot a Course for Failure This Long

Jose Lothario/Alberto Madril v. Dick Murdoch/Killer Brooks Houston 3/31/78- GREAT

PAS: This is a 2/3 falls match for the Texas tag titles and is 3/4ths awesome. Lothario v. Murdoch isn't a huge part of this match, but is predictably spectacular every time it happens, and Madrill is great as both face in peril and hot tag during different points of the match, Madrill isn't a guy I have seen a ton of, but here his awesome punches stand out in a match that also has Dick Murdoch and Jose Lothario in it, we had a great build and an awesome finish run with Madril hitting a great football tackle on an interfering Gary Hart right before the pin. Unfortunately Killer Brooks is a perpetual turd in a punchbowl, he just looks so ineffectual and weak when he is the match, his punches are lame, his stomps look like they wouldn't pop packing peanuts and he can't bump. If Murdoch had a replacement level partner, this would be an EPIC for sure, Killer Brooks ain't that.

Jose Lothario v. Kamala WCCW 9/25/88-SKIPPABLE

PAS: On paper this looks like a cool match, but it was pretty much a Kamala squash, with Kamala getting DQ'ed after bloodying up Jose. If this led to a blow off match it could be a cool angle, but I am guessing it was just used to put over Kamala.

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