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Friday, February 10, 2017

CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Episode 91

Episode 91

1. Tag Team Apocalypto! w/ HIM/SIS, Zane & Dave Dawson, Aaron Biggs & Mecha Mercenary, Number Man & Cool J, the Airtime Rockers, Ethan Alexander Sharpe & White Mike Jordan, Chris "TNT" Taylor & Wes Rogers, Beau Crockett & "Innocent" Isaiah Santero, Shawn Kemp & Johnathan Wolf, Cain Justice & James Ryan, Snooty Foxx & Dirty Daddy, Arik Royal & Roy Wilkins

ER: Well, this didn't land with me. They did their own Hardy Boyz tag team apocalypto episode, with several pre-filmed segments intercut with the action, and a few cinematic moments, such as Mecha Mercenary reaching for a spiked bat like he was Smarf reaching for the doomsday button in Two Many Cooks, or a planted joke with host CL Party and her alter ego Daisy Sue Fuentes. We get a lot of things that feel like in jokes, and far less things that feel like actual wrestling. I don't think this match did any favors to any of the participants. You had 24 different guys in this, and teams would enter gauntlet style after one team had been eliminated. But the eliminations were all so quick that the concept got tired almost immediately. A new team would come in, fumble around a crowded ring for a minute, then get pinned after taking one move. There were a lot of weapon shots that didn't read very well, things that probably hurt the guy taking it, but didn't look great to the viewer. Due to the format there wasn't really a way for anybody to stand out. In the Royal Rumble you have several people in as individuals, and you can get a few guys who excel in battle royal situations. Here, you had guys working in teams, and everything felt cluttered and messy. I think they were going for "violent chaos" but it came off like "sloppy mess". There weren't really any standouts. Arik Royal looked good, but also had the benefit of being in when only one team was left. I'd like to see more of Shawn Kemp, who facially looked 17 but had a large chubby physique and some nice offense. Mecha Mercenary is a guy I'm almost guaranteed to like, and I liked some of his punches and his big elbow. And SIS actually stood out from the pack, thought she had some of the best strikes by far in this, great stomps, cool headbutt, big cannonball. Too many people in this looked like they were "play fighting", I'm excited for the match that this sets up, but I thought this was bad.

PAS: I enjoyed the parts of this that were the Dawsons v. Biggs and Mercenary. Fat dudes waffling each other with chairs is always going to work with me, I also liked the Hit Squad style beating the Dawnson's laid on Cool J and Number Man, again fat dudes potato shotting lil guys is also universal . Not much else in this was good though, lots of green guys working in the ring while they cut back to hokey comedy stuff. I get that this Matt Hardy Mystery Science Theatre 3000 camp wrestling is the big thing right now, but the cool thing about CWF is that it has kind of a timeless feel, doing this meme chasing stuff is a really bad look. I don't love it when Matt Hardy does it, but I get he is sort of an outsider art prodigy, this felt knock off and cheap.

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Blogger Discotortoise said...

It's a weird one-off case for CWF, who are very intertwined with the Hardys and the entire OMEGA legacy. CL Party & Brad Stutts were both part of the TNA show, and they contributed a lot of warm bodies to it all, even guys like Royal & Sterling. The two biggest stars on the CWF roster in Everett & Trevor grew up backstage for those shows, not to mention Colby Corino. They even co-promoted an OMEGA show two weeks ago. Even though I do love how old school CWF is, if any promotion can get a pass on doing something silly like this, it's them.

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