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Thursday, February 09, 2017

2017 Ongoing MOTY List: Five Match Fighters

1. Demonio Infernal v. Aramis v. Black Dragon v. Freelance v. Arana De Plata IWRG 1/22/17

PAS: This is a five match fighters match, which is basically a free for all for crazy nutsos to do crazy shit. Freelance was a favorite from the IWRG glory days, but hasn't looked good in the last couple of years, he was back to his insane self here, multiple crazy dives into the crowd, a flip Fuerza bump to the floor, a couple of cool armdrags, the whole Freelance package. Out of the guys I hadn't seen before, I really liked Aramis, in addition to dives and bumps he also had a nice looking headbutt and nifty leglock. Total popcorn match, but tasty popcorn.

ER: Super fun spotfest with 5 guys, but only 2 in the ring at any given time. I liked everybody in this, but there were some standouts. Black Dragon was wearing by far the least Black of everyone in this match, but he bumped huge and took the brunt on several dives (including a moonsault from Freelance that sent both over the barrier faster than you'd want). Freelance brought the big crowd dives including a match closing sky high flip dive onto everybody in the seats, and that flip bump to the floor, like a head first Fuerza, was nuts. Arana de Plata hit some smooth timing based spots, and then peaking with a killer high speed flipping tope through dudes and into seats. There was a lot of dudes going into the crowd and into the seats. Aramis was really great glue, and a match like this is like Charley and Humphrey, it's gonna need lots of glue. He ties things together with great timing, tight strikes (the headbutt Phil mentions is a nice surprise) and gives the match some grounding. I love this kind of junk food.


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