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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2016 Ongoing MOTY List: Nuevo Dinamitas!

73. Hijo del Pantera/Ciclon Ramirez Jr./Dinamic Black v. El Cuatrero/Forastero/Sanson Liga Elite 8/4

ER: Killer little spotfest, great showing for some 2nd and 3rd (and who knows more) gen luchadors. Pantera wrestles just like his dad, which is a neat revelation since I've now seen Skayde Jr. and HE wrestles just like HIS dad. My brain always threw Pantera and Skayde into the same bucket as their moved similarly, and I was a big fan of both. HD Pantera has cool little rope flip feints and heavy crossbodies, Ciclon has some nice headscissors and there's a great sequence on the apron where he flips Cuatrero (?) over the buckles and then swings around the ringpost into a slick headscissors. Rudos take over and they work like classic Cien Caras, only with monster bumps. These guys are massive dickheads, do team and individual press slams, work stiff, Cuatrero hits a freaky springboard elbow drop, just all sorts of surprises. I like their control segments, and I loved them as much when the tecnicos bring it back. Sanson (?) takes a huge bump into the crowd off a dive, Dinamic Black does some nice rope work and hits a MAMMOTH flip dive, and this just made me really excited for the future of CMLL.

PAS: I really dug this, it was a pretty disposable lucha undercard trios match for the first bit, although the junior Dinamitas are really great in ring bumpers and are always in perfect position to take some semi awkward high spots from the technicos. The 3rd fall though it totally boss with everyone upping their game a bit including one Dinamita eating a tope and visiting the third row. I remember liking Dinamic Black a bit back in the IWRG days, and he seems to have put on a bit of bulk without losing any height on his dives. I also love that the Dinamitas don't work like 2010s luchadores, these are old school like the baby Villanos, no way these guys would work a 2.9 fest on a New Japan show.


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