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Monday, February 13, 2017

2017 Ongoing MOTY List: Wyatt v. Harper House Show

3. Bray Wyatt v. Luke Harper WWE 2/6

PAS: This is exactly what you want a house show match between these guys to be. Pretty much all action, big shots back and forth some nice bumps. Really entertaining. Harper is so much fun, he takes a big bump to the floor, throws some great looking uppercut and keeps the action moving. I really think the move to Smackdown has reenergized Wyatt, as he has had more energy in recent weeks. This was a pair of heavyweigth guys moving with juniors energy.  I assume that both guys are tuning on Orton and rejoing forces, so this might be the only match between the two that shows up.

ER: Man I miss going to house shows. House shows are always the best. And Phil is right that Wyatt, be it the move to Smackdown or what, is more energized now than at any time over the last 18 months. He was really fun here, finding neat ways to fall and sell, and throwing big bombs when needed. His uppercuts were on but even moreso were his overhand rights. Check that one he throws on Harper as Harper climbs the buckles, that's pretty damn impressive to rear back like that, throw a fast punch, and still make it look good. I  liked his selling for Harper, especially on this one superkick where Wyatt bent at the waist, threw a leg out to stabilize himself, and eventually faceplanted. Wyatt hits a couple big sentons, crazy fast cross block, even turns the crab walk into an almost Lawler strap spot. Harper has major singles star appeal and the crowd was mighty hot for this, Harper fed into it with a big rope flip senton (not quite Dick Togo's but I appreciate the big man effort), big bump to the floor, fun tease of hitting his own Sister Abigail, and a nice roll up reversal of Bray's SA. I'm happy this turned up. These 10 minute quick paced house show matches are like a satisfying sandwich.


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