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Saturday, November 15, 2014

CMLL on LATV Workrate Report 7/13/14

Last week we got 6/8/14 show, no we magically jump back in time to the 2/2/14 Arena Coliseo show…but then the third match (with Blue Panther) is from the 2/9 Coliseo show. So you'd think they're just showcasing the best matches from Coliseo shows until they catch up to current…but that can't be because they showed a Hijo del Signo showcase match. No "best of" would actually include a Hijo del Signo match. I don't know what they're doing here.

1. Lightning Match: Dragon Lee II vs. Hijo del Signo

Hey, you guys. Hijo del Signo isn't good. He's really bad. This match gets tons of time (for a lightning match) and almost all of it is just totally misspent. Signo is just laughably awful on the mat. He works really slow but looks completely clueless most of the time. Here he did a slow motion kick while Lee was on the mat, the whole thing looked like he was just practicing sequences and moves before fans arrived at the arena. His positioning is worse than anybody in CMLL, like he had no clue where he was in the ring at any given time. He hit a nice dive, so there's that. Lee took a crazy apron bump off a clothesline, getting dumped on his head to the floor. Lee is good for one nice stupid bump per match. Signo wins with this ugly squatting figure 4. This guy does not have the goods.

2. Negro Casas, Puma & Tiger vs. Atlantis, Guerrero Maya Jr. & Delta

Really fun revanche, an immediate next week follow up to a match that made our MOTY list. This one has less bullshit than that one, but that means it also has less personality. This was still really good though. Same set up with the younger guys getting the bulk of the match to build to all the Casas/Atlantis moments. Casas is a great ringleader of the rudos and as I've said before I like how Puma and Tiger actually work as rudos, as opposed to most luchadors who just work the same no matter what the pre-match designation is. Maya's through-the-ropes flip dive is one of my favorite lucha spots, and Delta always throws in his spectacular flip dive off the ring post. Casas gets to mug and bump and his rudo bumping is always a real treat. It's a mixture of nasty spills and fun pratfalls. The nasty spill here was going down on the apron as if he was shot, putting over an Atlantis elbow. Really good match that I think just narrowly misses the MOTY cut.

3. Blue Panther, Valiente & La Mascara vs. Terrible, Gran Guerrero & Rey Bucanero

Another really fun match. Panther and GG matched up a bunch throughout this and this may have been the best I've seen GG look. He took some big bumps (including the big Jerry bump with a less graceful spill to the floor than UG usually takes, meaning this looked up more painful), and his mat stuff with Panther to start everything was good, and a fresh match up. He also took a nasty posting in the tercera. Bucanero looked more spirited than normal, although man I hate his lazy as hell standing clothesline. It has no force whatsoever and guys bumping for it always look silly. Valiente hits a massive dive that just blast Bucanero into the aisle, Terrible punches Mascara in the ear a couple times, and this just had a real good flow. Good long trios, everybody got to shine, but again I especially loved the Panther/GG showdowns. Good week of wrestling (Signo be damned).

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