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Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Japan BOSJ 2010 Pt. 7

Tama Tonga v. AKIRA 6/5

This started with the ceremonial working of the leg. Both guys desultorily kicked at the knee a bit. I did like AKIRA stomping on the instep of Tonga's bare foot, but it was pretty meaningless. AKIRA has pretty good execution, but this match did nothing to engage me. I did like Tonga no selling the enzigiri because of his hard head, I hope he finally embracing his inner Samoan

Taiji Ishimori v. Nobuo Yoshihashi 6/5

I have to admit that these matches are starting to blend together a bit. It really hurts Yoshihashi's tough guy gimmick to lose a chop battle to a thai ladyboy. This was another work the leg match, Yoshihashi sold it fine, Ishimori did some ok stuff to it including a version of Trauma I's spinning leglock finisher. Of course that just made me wish I was watching IWRG, and got me bummed out about the Black Terry Jr. hiatus.

Davey Richards v. La Sombra 6/5

I was pretty surprised at how perfectly watchable I found this. It was a whole lot of cartwheels and backflips, but after watching all of these dull stomp the knee matches, I appreciated a little sizzle. Richards toned down his hamminess a little bit, it was kind of like watching Robin Williams doing a dramatic acting role, it isn't really good, you are not really excited to see it, but at least he won't ruin a serviceable script with dumb voices and shtick. Two cool dives, some flashy shit, went down OK.

Prince Devitt v. Jushin Thunder Liger 6/5

This tournament is my first long look at Prince Devitt and he kind of looks and wrestles like a Potatoe famine John Walters. Nothing offensively wrong with him, but pretty simple and dull. I have no beef with watching Liger work through four minutes or so of his basic juniors matwork, and I though Devitt was a competent antagonist for that. They run through a decent finish run, and Liger has gotten the Thez press over with me enough, that I kind of snorted in disgust when Devitt kicked out of it. Pretty much a textbook example of an average wrestling match.

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