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Friday, June 25, 2010

IWRG February Awards

Wrestler of the Month

TKG: Black Terry. Between the two cage matches this month and the title match in January, Hijo del Diablo is having quite the run but still this award goes to Terry. There were two major feuds going on in IWRG in the February IWRG we watched. The Thursday feud: Pantera and son v Terry and co. And the Sunday feud of Gringos Locos VIP v Terry and co. And Black Terry was the star of the MOTM candidates from both feuds, the key to most of the matches and played a whole bunch of different roles in each feud.

PAS: Black Terry. He is going to be racking these up all year, as he is having one of the best years any wrestler has had for decades. He was the star in every match he was in, and played different roles in each feud. El Hijo Del Diablo had a pretty great month too, ruling it in both the tag cage match and the hair cage match against Chico Che. He is quietly a top guy in the world.

Match of the Month:

TKG: Dr. Cerebro/Black Terry v. Gringo Loco/Hijo del Diablo 2/7. Do you want a NWA cage match, do you want a workrate escape the cage match, do you want a Bruno escape the cage match? This is a cage match where every part of it worked. The opening ten minutes of guys beating each other before they are allowed to attempt an escape was great. The next section of guys fighting for escapes was great, and the final epic two guys no longer fighting to escape but fighting to finish each other off so badly they won’t be able to escape all were great. It was the best of all worlds.

PAS: Dr. Cerebro/Black Terry v. Gringo Loco/Hijo del Diablo 2/7. No doubt, all three of the Panteras v. Cerebros team match were very good, but the cage match was a true epic. Everything you want a violent blow off to a feud to be, it felt like the Battle of Greensboro which is not the kind of thing we get much of in 2010.

You Got It (The Right Stuff):

TKG: Heros/Eros. I was hoping we’d get to do Hanging Tough for our second month of New Kids on the Block and get to talk about a rookie continuing to improve and carving out a niche. Instead, February was all about Heros/Eros. He’s a guy who debuted at end of January is super raw but has a bunch of impressive tools. He has some interesting matwork ideas (and is very flexible), sells really well and has some huge big aerial spots. He is super raw and it is possible that as he becomes polished some of his cooler edges will get rubbed off. But for now he looks like a guy with a ton of potential.

PAS: Hijo Del Signo: He had some questionable performances, and isn't there yet. However he stepped up and hung with the main eventers when given the opportunity, and was one of the stars of the beginning of the month Cibernetico. I like Heros a lot too, but it is easier to be a flashy technico then a solid rudo and I have to give Signo points for getting there.

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