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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WWE Superstars 2010: The First 4 Months, #5-1

5. Rey Mysterio vs. Mike Knox (2/18/10)

Sometimes wrestlers match up really well with each other, and really know how to make the other look great, and this is one of those match-ups. Rey makes Knox look more dangerous than just about any other wrestler, and Knox really takes Rey’s offense great. Naturally, Knox controlled this one with Rey getting in some great comeback spots. Knox takes headscissors really well for such a big dude, and Rey really knows how to lean into big boots and just be absorbed by Knox’s crossbody. I wish Rey didn’t kick out of it though and they could’ve done it closer to the ropes instead. I really think that move is one of the more awesome moves ANYwhere over the last few years, but it’s usually just treated as a nearfall. I’m not even sure what Knox’s actual finisher is (pumphandle slam?) but I know it’s not as devastating as the Flying Bear. This is 9 minutes of awesome, though, with Rey getting his body worked over (Knox running him into the ringpost was made to look especially painful) and coming back to win. I could watch this match-up a bunch.

4. Rey Mysterio vs. Tyson Kidd (3/25/10)

I was here live for this one, and on a looooooong night (it was the supertaping before WM, so they taped all four shows for the week in one night, and man did it drag in spots) this was the easy highlight. Rey usually works even with guys his own size, but here he gives Tyson about 80% of the offense, and really spends most of the match selling. Smith and Natalya are great seconds at ringside (Natalya is especially underrated) and both really play into the reason why Kidd is able to control so much of the match. Natalya would always be there with a leg trip or a distraction and Kidd would continue to dominate. The end run went really great, as Kidd botched a springboard move (that was done well enough that I have no clue whether it was on purpose or completely accidental) that if it WAS supposed to happen, was the perfect way to give control back over to Rey. Rey sees it as his opportunity to start whipping around the ring, and off we go to the finish. This was classic Rey, and I imagine anytime he gets 11+ minutes to do his thing, it’s going to be worth watching.

3. Chavo Guerrero vs. Primo vs. Chris Masters (1/28/10)

Triple threat matches are usually dumb beyond dumb, worked as an endless series of singles matches while one guy disappears for minutes at a time and just like “escape rules” cage matches are dumb because it takes the focus off cage violence and onto a climbing contest, the focus of three ways are usually a “breaking up a bunch of pinfalls” contest. But this match right here did it mostly right. The action was constant, it was kept to just 7 minutes, and the two times it got turned into a singles match was because of the 3rd guy taking a big bump to the floor.

Masters has been working real smart in 2010, as after a few years of few people breaking it, the Masterlock has gotten legitimately over with WWE fans. So why waste time doing other stuff? He just goes after the Masterlock constantly, knowing that if he gets it on then the match is over. So there are a bunch of fun spots where he’s trying to turn the Masterlock into a Diamondcutter “out of nowhere” kinda move and the crowd loves it. Primo jumps off the top, Masters tries to catch his arm; Chavo tries a clothesline, Masters tries to catch his arm. He gets taken out of the match for a bit when he bumps to the floor and lands on his shoulder, really selling it nicely. This does lead to our only minor awkward moment in the match, as Chavo and Primo punch it out mid ring and both of their punches look pretty lousy.

But Masters makes it back in, tries a Masterlock when Chavo is preoccupied, then when Primo rushes both of them Masters ducks while holding Chavo in the ML and backdrops Primo to the floor. Then he drags Chavo to the center, locks it in tight (the crowd pop for when he finally locks his hands is ridiculously loud) and gets the win. Really the right way to do a 3 way dance.

2. Fit Finlay vs. Mike Knox (1/7/10)

Somehow this is the only Finlay match to make tape in 2010 (not counting the 1 minute Batista match). He was in the WM battle royal, and I’m pretty sure that’s it. Vance Archer has been on TV more than a healthy Fit Finlay in 2010. What is wrong with this company!? Not too much needs to be said about this, as in my opinion if you put Finlay in the ring with anybody for 7 minutes, you’re going to get a pretty awesome match. I’m still at the point in my wrestling viewing where I haven’t seen a bad Finlay match. There are always things he does that make a match memorable.

He and Knox always match up great, though, so of course this is awesome. Finlay always leans into everybody’s kicks and forearms, so you know if you’re a guy like Knox who can throw nice kicks and forearms, you’re gonna come off looking like a beast. Knox works Finlays ribs and back the whole match (including giving him a powerslam on the floor! On a syndicated show!) and I’m nore sure if there is anybody who can put over body work better than Finlay at this point. Finlay peppers in some nice comebacks and Knox cuts him right off with the Flying Bear out of the corner. Knox’s crossbody is maybe the coolest looking spot in the WWE, but sometimes he does it at kinda pointless spots in the match. Here it was used right where it should be used, as a false finish that Finlay barely kicked out of. Knox undoes a turnbuckle pad, the ref notices, and while his back is turned Finlay clocks Knox with the shillelagh. Almost 5 months now without a Finlay match. What the fuck?

1. William Regal vs. Christian (1/14/10)

Christian has been the 2007/08 Matt Hardy of 2009/10, getting to put on a bunch of free TV 10 minute matches with a variety of opponents, and just like Hardy he’s really got a nice successful formula to keep them regularly engaging and without them ever feeling repetitive. Regal in a 10 minute singles match against anybody is a gift from above (fuck, Regal in a 5 minute singles match would be just fine with me), so you knew this was going to be awesome and it did not disappoint.

They start with some cool mat work, exchanging wristlocks. Regal has a cool arm drag/trip sending Christian over his back, and they get back to their feet continuing to exchange wristlocks….until Regal ramps it the fuck up by headbutting Christian right on the noggin. You can tell by the way he keeps touching his forehead that Christian thought he was busted open for sure. Regal starts to control with some nasty forearms (his shots to the back of the head looked especially nasty) and Christian would get brief flashes of offense back in (I must say that Regal’s facial expression when getting kicked in the back was one of the most awesome wrestling facial expressions I’ve ever witnessed), until Christian goes up top to hit some sort of tornado DDT or something, and Regal just SHOVES him off to the floor, with Christian landing crazy awkwardly on the ring apron before tumbling to the floor. That takes me back to 2002/2003 where Christian and Rey Buccanero were having weekly contests to see who could take the stupidest over-the-top rope to the floor bump in a TV match.

Regal busts out some more forearms to the face, and just chucks him with his half nelson suplex. When he locks in the Regal stretch it looks particularly snug, and Christian admirably elbows his way out. Like Finlay, Regal always finds new twists to old spots, and in this case he actually counters Christian’s corner sunset flip spot. It’s the only real problem I have with his regular long TV match formula, in that he hits the spot in every single match, and it always required his opponent to miss a running shoulderblock to the abdomen. It’s quickly turning into his “powerbomb Kidman” or “sunset flip Brazo de Plata”. But Regal senses it coming (as well he should) and leans forward for a great nearfall (only broken up because the ref noticed him holding the ropes with all his might). Not too long after Christian hits the Unprettier and we’re out. Awesome match.


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