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Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Japan BOSJ 2010 Pt. 6

Koji Kanemoto v. AKIRA 6/2

Two of my favorite guys in this tournament match up in a battle of dicks. AKIRA jumps Koji before the bell with a tope, but his advantage is short lived as Kanemoto kicks the shit out of him. He really worked over the body of AKIRA with spin kicks and nasty liver shots. Kanemoto has really good handspeed and it was in display. There was one moment of awkwardness, where Kanemoto landed weird on a slam, but they recovered to have a fun finishing run with AKIRA whipping out multiple super fast roll ups until one held Kanemoto down for three

Kenny Omega v. Ryusuke Taguchi 6/4

I weirdly continue not to hate Kenny Omega in this tournament. Taguchi is pretty dull, which is probably why Omega did more of the goofy horseshit which makes much of his indy work unbearable. Still after some early crap, both guys kicked it in and had a pretty exciting end run. Fast complex, counter wrestling with both guys doing cool shit and landing big shots, Omega turning a cross armbreak into his electric chair german suplex was really awesome. Probably the best finish run of the tournament so far, and it took an average match and made in pretty damn good.



Blogger Eagleheart said... did you go about seeing Kanemoto Vs. AKIRA? As far as I can tell, the only matches available from BOSJ 2010 are the ones that aired or were posted on the NJPW YouTube page...but you talk about a lot that aren't on there.

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