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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Will Cause all My Goodness to Pass in Front of You, and I Will Proclaim my Name Yoshiaki Fujiwara

Yoshiaki Fujiwara v. Killer Khan NJ 5/24/83-GREAT

This was a total blast, two of the most expressive wrestlers working a great shtick filled mid card match. Khan is so awesome here, Fujiwara uses his speed and elusiveness to get the advantage on Khan early, cheap shotting him on the break, eluding the bull rushes, ect, you can watch Khan get more and more frustrated. When he finally lures Fujiwara into the corner and takes over he is great as a strutting douchebag getting the advantage. He works over Fujiwara until he smashes his head into the ring bolt, which of course Fujiwara no sells. Khan has this great "What the Fuck" look on his face as Fujiwara smashes his own head into the bolt multiple times, Khan even tries to call time out which just killed me. Fujiwara fires back with Mongolian chops which even pisses Khan off more, Fujiwara is great as a fired up babyface taking the advantage while taunting the heel with his own move, it almost felt Dustyish. This is from the weird hand held site with the low quality DL's but despite that everyone should go download it, I promise a smile.

Yoshiaki Fujiwara v. Nobuhiko Takada UWFI 5/27/96-SKIPPABLE

Really disappointing match. This was the main event of an Anniversary show for UWFI, with two guys who have a history of working really well together. This is clearly working it's way towards a big main event. They start up hitting the mat pretty hard, with both guys doing some interesting things. I really liked how Takada worked his way into a kimura, and how Fujiwara twisted his way out of it. Unfortunately on the first big strike Takada cracks Fujiwara with a Sano kick, clearly fucks him up and the match ends on a KO. Takada did a really poor job reacting, if he acted like he had scored an out of nowhere KO, it might have worked. Certainly flash knockouts can add to the excitement of Boxing matches and MMA fights, Instead he looked like he ate a bad nectarine. Really huge missed opportunity, as it would have been cool to see what kind of match these guys would have had with Takada being a legitimately big star as opposed to the up and comer he was when they matched up in the UWF.

Yoshiaki Fujiwara v. Ultraman Robin F*UCK 10/9/06- FUN

Amusing match, basically Fujiwara playing around with a guy who feels like a backyarder. Fujiwara teasing this guy is pretty fun to watch. He takes him down at ease, and can put on any submission he wants. Robin only does what Fujiwara allows him to do. There are a bunch of times when Fujiwara slaps on a submission hold, Robin taps, but Fujiwara releases the hold before the ref can see it. There is a moment when Robin finally gets a reversal and hold, and Fujiwara just breaks it with ease and gives him this spectacular condescending little clap. I think Robin is the money mark for F*UCK and I have no idea why he would pay someone to come in and screw with him like this, but I enjoyed watching it.




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