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Saturday, May 22, 2010

IWRG January Awards

Wrestler of the Month:

PAS: Negro Navarro: Man what a great month Navarro had, we get to see three different iterations of Navarro v. Solar, including a true master class on the 28th. Add that to a pair of textbook carry jobs of Angelico and finish it off with a great battle against the Piratas, he really did it all. The 2009 wrestler of the year is hitting 2010 running. If we keep getting footage he could win walking away.

TKG: Dr Cerebro. This was a real hard one as it came down to Cerebro and Terry. Both guys were in the best trios match of the month (Navarro, Terry, Cerebro v Solar, Segura, Zatura) and the best tag brawl (Terry, Cerebro v Gringo Loco, Hijo Del Diablo) and consistently good. Terry was the more impressive guy in both the tag and trio but Dr Cerebro had two big singles matches (the good but disappointing Bushi match and the really great singles match with Hijo Del Diablo) and so I’m giving it to Cerebro for the month. I should say that it’s a real shame that we don’t get to see Solar in non-Navarro matches. There are clips of Solar, Segura, Zatura v Maldito, Samor, Bombero Infernal (from same show as the Navarro v Angelico match) on youtube. I imagine if we got to see more Solar, he would have been a candidate as well.

Match of the Month:

PAS: Traumas v. Suicida/Zatura: There were lots of great matches in the month of January, and on a different day I could see myself picking a different match. Pretty much my two favorite things in wrestling are cool intricate mat wrestling and violent stiff brawling, and this had the Traumas rip it up on the mat and then lay in a super vicious beating. Short second and third falls which is a problem in other IWRG matches this month, but what we saw was completely awesome

TKG: Black Terry/Dr Cerebro/Negro Navarro v Zatura/Suicida/Solar. This was six guys hitting on all cylinders pushing a trios match to where you expecting hair and mask challenges from everyone at the end. Often times in trios matches with Solar on one side and Navarro on the other, everyone else falls into the background. This was one of the best Solar v Navarro match ups I’ve seen. And instead of becoming mere backdrop the other four participants just pushed themselves to keep up with that level.

New Kid on the Block:

PAS: Dinamic Black: This new group of rookies are really similar, they have varying levels of promise, with varying levels of polish. Dinamic Black has some warts, but his crazy springboards set him apart. Really crazy balance and flips, his signature dive is nuts, and he stands out in a way some of other guys don't.

TKG: Not sure when we define “New Kid”. Hijo Del Signo and Eragon I guess first started showing in 09, although so did Guizmo. But of the 16 other rookies I’m going to go with Imperial. Instead of having everyone pair off in the fist fall of a match, the new IWRG match formula is one face and one heel pair off and then it breaks down into rudo triple teaming faces. It’s a format that needs guys who can work expressive sympathy baby face. I think Imperial is the guy with the flashy dives and who does the expressive sympathy face stuff the best.

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