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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Tonight 11pm Est



Blogger Jessie said...

i've been listening to a burnt cd of your last 10 shows....finally back to wrestling....i just fast forward past all the inane music talk....thoughts on the show: dean is great to listen to, love his enthusiasm for many varied things, phil can be funny but doesn't seem like he watches much of anything but lucha, eric was just like the film anchorman: funny the first time you watched it but after repeat visits, you want to poke out your eyes, or ears in his case, seems like a person desperate for attention, always speaking over someone else to get in another strangely delivered diatribe, usually having nothing to do with wrestling. I actually love when Phil calls in the Burning Hammer show and puts those guys on the spot to explain why they like tyler black to which there is no explanation

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