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Friday, March 12, 2010

IWRG 8/13/09

Just when we thought we were done with all of the 2009 IWRG Alfredo releases a deluge of previously unseen shows. Too much IWRG is a heck of a problem to have.

Eragon/Star Boy v. Heavy Boy/Blasfemia

TKG: Blasfemia and Eragon have a nice long opening technical section. I don’t think I’ve seen Blasfemia before but he had a bunch of really nice takedowns. Nothing worth watching after that. They move into heel double teams and brawling for most of the rest of the match and it is really stinky.

PAS: I really enjoyed Blasfemia, he had a really great sleazeball look. He looked like the kind of guy who hangs outside of Naculpan dance clubs offering you 14 year olds to fuck. That is a really great look for a luchador.

Gringo Loco/Avisman v. Los Gemelos Fantasticos

TKG: This was just bad. The first fall starts with a long section of Avisman working the mat while Gringo Loco teases but doesn’t enter ring. He eventually gets in and the fall just keeps going. The first fall just goes on and on and on forever. Second fall isn’t much of anything and leads to a ref decision.

PAS: Usually your long Avisman mat sections are the highlights of underwhelming IWRG undercard matches, but he really couldn’t do anything with the shitty Gemelos. Gringo Loco didn’t do much, and the Gemelos stand up was worse then their mat work. I also didn’t like the Gemelos ripping up the American flag. Fuck you assholes these colors don’t run.

Pirata Morgan Jr./Barba Roja Jr./El Hijo Del Pirata Morgan v. Black Terry/Dr. Cerebro/Cerebro Negro

TKG: The Cerebros get attacked backstage during an interview and they brawl pre-bell into past the bell. Terry and Cerebro Negro bleed (with Cerebro Negro bleeding streams of tears), while the Piratas work over Dr Cerebro in the ring. They do a absolutely nasty spike double DDT on Dr Cerebro but weirdly that isn’t the finisher, it’s positioned early in a run of triple teams (where the others are far less spectacular). They end up pinning Dr Cerebro with a moonsault. In general the Piratas were kind of hit and miss with their offense and didn’t really seem to order their stuff in a way that made a ton of sense, The point where the Cerebros start their comeback is really awesome, and their whole angry revenge offense is a blast. Challenges are laid out after the match, with Black Terry coming off awesome on the mic.

PAS: I thought this was pretty disappointing, maybe I have been spoiled by all of the awesome 2010 Black Terry brawls, but outside of some individual moments this did very little for me. Piratas have some nice looking triple teams (and some not so nice ones) but for large parts of their offense they just seemed to be pulling out random triple teams out of a bag. I did like the Cerebros on offense and Negro’s bloody tears was totally metal, but overall not much.

Oficiales v. Dinastia De La Muerte

TKG: First fall starts with the two big bruisers (AK-47 and Truama I) working the mat with Trauma getting the better part. This is followed by a good ten minutes of Navarro v 911 mat work with Navarro getting the win. Second fall is our first appearance of Trauma II and Fierro. They start working technical exchanges again with the Trauma looking to win.the Officiales say screw all this shit and go for the triple teams. Third fall starts with a neat AK –47 v Trauma II section where Ak-47 tries to take advantage of his size but is still eliminated by the Trauma’s superior technical skills. This comes off like a big turning point. Officiales nonetheless steal the finish with an elaborate BS finish where Trauma II and Navarro collide, a ref needs to go check on Truama II, leaving only one ref to see the wrong pin. Post match Navarro gets on the mic and does a Bruno speech about “This kind of bullshit is why the public doesn’t like wrestling anymore”.

PAS: Just a tremendous match, up there in the top 10 IWRG matches of 2009. 10+ minutes of Negro Navarro working the mat will always hit my wrestling sweet spot. 911 was hanging with Navarro fine, and the Oficiales were way more comfortable working the llave style then they were the week before. I loved the structure of this with the Navarro family winning the technical battle, and the Oficiales breaking out the cheating and triple teams to take the advantage and the win. I loved the grumpy Navarro on the mike too, it is too bad we didn’t get a bloody brawl revancha because I felt these teams really started to click.

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