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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Fab Four 1/4-1/10

There was a point where I was watching all of the WWE TV and PPV and doing a top five for the week. With Black Terry Jr. uploading every tiny indy from Mexico, I don't really have the time or inclination to do that. Still the WWE has four legitimate wrestler of the year candidates, so I am going to review Rey, Punk, Finlay and Regal every week and rank their performances.

CM Punk v. Mark Henry ECW 1/5

Punk is the come out of nowhere guy in this competition. He was completely off the radar in 2008, turns heel and has a really great 2009, and his new sleaze bag gimmick really ups the stakes in 2010. Punk is a guy with great timing, bumps and shtick and semi-questionable offense. That package works so much better as a heel. The parts of this match where Punk was controlling were a bit weak (although I did love him yelling "Your not so strong now" and elbowing Henry in the head), but he was great trying to run away when Henry had his leg, and flopping around from Henry's awesome headbutts. I am not so sure about that high kick finish though, and I kind of wanted this to be better.

Finlay v. Mike Knox Superstars 1/5

Finlay and Regal are clearly going to be the dark horses in this race. Neither will probably have many PPV showcase matches, hell Regal might get stuck back on RAW when ECW folds. Still the addition of Superstars means we are still likely to see great under the radar matches like this. These guys had an awesome feud in 2008, and Knox is really one of Finlay's best all time opponents. Just a nasty little fight like it always is. Finlay eats a brutal powerslam on the floor, and Knox works over the small of the back. I really liked the end run, as we had close near falls, and a fun fake out before the Shillelagh shot. I could watch these two beat on each other every week.

Rey Mysterio v. Batista SD 1/5

Both Rey and Batista were really great in this match, unfortunately it was really shit upon from up high by goofy booking. Still the actual work was awesome, Rey doing a magnificent job sticking and moving and getting caught. I loved all of different ways he was sneaking in kicks, especially him knocking Batista off the top rope. Batista was also great as a douchebag, and had really good timing on all of his offense. Still the darkness and gong finish kind of threw some stink on this match

Week 1 rankings

1. Finlay- Got a chance to show all of his nasty bag of tricks
2. Rey- Really close second, great performance hampered by booking
3. Punk- Shtick and bumping were great, offense left a bit to be desired
4. Regal-AWOL for the week

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