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Saturday, February 06, 2010

IWRG 1/14/10

The Winter of Black Terry Jr. continues, IWRG HH from heaven,

El Hijo Del Signo/Commando Negro v. Dinamic Black/Imperial

TKG: You can do something with Dinamic Black without Alan Extreme but I don't see why you'd bother. I didn't much care for the finish to the first fall here. Comando Negro and Dinamic Black work opening mat exchanges with Dinamic Black doing all of his of inner thigh stretching stuff. Imperial and Signo then do some mat exchanges that end when Signo starts to just shove the smaller Imperial. Hijo Del Signo does a “I am stronger” Fargo strut type taunt only to get armdragged out of ring. Then Dinamic Black eliminates him with a lackadaisical tope. And then after establishing that Imperial isn’t a strength based wrestler we again get Bret Hart lifting Comando Negro for Jim Neidhart to do running clothesline. Next two falls are perfectly fine lucha and Imperial and Hijo Del Signo are fun opposite each other.

PAS: El Hijo Del Signo is definitely a better wrestler then Alan Extreme, but he isn't as good a Dinamic Black opponent. The tag match earlier in the week had everyone hitting on all cylinders, while this had more off spots and stuff slightly blown. Imperial is still really fun to watch, especially when he gets on a roll and starts armdragging and ranaing everyone. I get a sense he would be an awesome hot tag in a southern tag match.

Los Traumas v. Zatura/Suicida

PAS: So in the last week Trauma II turned into Fit Finaly. He is just smacking the living fuck out of Suicida here. I loved their mat section with both guys laying in short punches to attempt to break the holds. Then the brawling on the floor is just brutal, with both Traumas bringing it, with II being especially stiff, I also has these great looking thai knees, and a sick headbutt. Second and third falls were too short, although I dug the double pin restart. Trauma I's spinning reverse figure four ankle lock is one of the coolest moves in wrestling. Suicida and Zatura were basically foils in this match, but they played their roles well. Best match of 2010 so far.

TKG: Trauma II has switched out of his Slipknotesque mask and is wearing the more Espectrosih style that we last saw on 12/20/09. I remember him being particularly awesome throwing hands there too. He wasn’t this badass and he was playing hopscotch with his submission exchanges, not punching his way out of them. Still the guy I want to talk about is Truama I, it may not all be working a training partner as he came off super crisp and bruising here. It’s three matches in a row where I’ve really enjoyed his Yoji Anjoh knees and clubbering.

Solar/Pantera/Angelico v. Hijo Del Pirata/Bombero Infernal/Negro Navarro

PAS: Trippy match. Parts of it were pretty bad, pretty much everything Angelico did sucked, and there was a moment where Bombero Infernal tried to kill Pantera by blowing multiple spots. So not a great match, there were some great moments though. Navarro v. Solar rock out and do their thing, which I never get tired of. We also get a chance to see Solar mix it up with Pirata which was pretty fun. Finish made this though, there is nothing shittier in wrestling then Angelico kick offense, and Navarro somehow works a Ki v. Red exchange around that garbage. Navarro evades the kicks and drops a abdomen lacerating right hand, before getting a little cocky and caught. Man is Negro Navarro fucking awesome.

TKG: Captain Muerte was one of the best looking most polished wrestlers in IWRG last year. He looses his mask, goes back to the Bombero Infernal gimmick and he looks to have lost a ton of steps. Outside of his section with Solar he felt really off. Maybe that’s the fault of the other faces in this. This was one match when Solar was in it and pretty messy when the other tecnicos were involved. We’re so used to seeing Navarro v Solar as a “touring match up” that it feels completely fresh and is just completely awesome to watch it as an actual main event series. They work with each other differently and Solar gets to mix it up working pairings with each heel.

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