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Friday, February 05, 2010

IWRG 1/7/10

Black Terry Jr. putting up all of this HH IWRG is truly the best news of the new millennium. Let's hope this keeps up and we get some real gems.

Imperail/Eragon v. Commando Negro/Flama Infernal

PAS: I am really enjoying all of these undercard IWRG matches, solid basic lucha libre given some time is always going to make me smile. Imperial is one of undercarders that has been standing out. He does some nice basic mat work with Commando Negro, and has a fun little poor mans Helios offense. He doesn't hit everything he tries, but he is about 80% which ain't bad. I can imagine how good the CMLL undercard matches would be if they were worked on the same style.

TKG: They brought back Flama infernal??? I can’t believe they brought back Flama Infernal. He looked like a complete backyarder last week doing his exchanges with training partner Volaris. Is Flama Infernal a guy who drives with someone else? Why would you bring him back? Eragon has gotten really really good at first caida mat work and masterfully carries Flama Infernal through the exchanges. Watched their exchanges twice now and it really is an impressive carry job. I hope Eragon develops some more skills at 2nd and 3rd fall work so he can move up the card. Between Commando Negro controlling traffic and Imperial’s natural underdog sympathy babyface charisma, they’re able to hide a lot of Infernal’s weaknesses in the 2nd and 3rd fall as well. But Imperial and Eragon deserve better. Where is Radamantis? Where is Judas El Traidor?

Cerebro Negro/Dr. Cerebro/Black Terry v. Pantera/Suicida/Zatura

PAS: Cerebro looked pretty great really nice looking overhand slaps, and an reckless tope. This was just super solid lucha libre, a little shorter then a normally IWRG trios, so we only got one longish mat exchange (Terry v. Sucida and it was pretty sweet) and it was mostly slick armdrags by agile technicos and bumping and stooging by great rudos. Amusing finish with Cerebro grabbing Pantera's leg and causing him to low blow the ref. Nothing which will stand out by the end of year, but if we keep getting twice weekly stuff like this 2010 will be ok.

TKG: Without the hair dye and gel, Cerebro Negro looks like a really scummy Bruno Campos gone to seed. This was laid out really similarly to the fourth match on Sunday’s card: instead of establishing everyone's character by having everyone pair up for a mat section in the first fall you just have one pairing work a mat section and then move directly into first fall brawling. Here you had Black Terry and Suicida pair up for some mat work which led to Dr Cerebro and Pantera doing some first fall toe to toe brawling and Zatura and Cerebro Negro pairing for first fall fast exchanges. It’s a format that I imagine will play well to the Jr Piratas or Oficiales strengths (keeping a match moving). It doesn’t really play to Terribles Cerebros (character work) but it made for a fun match that kept moving at a nice clip.

Angelico/Solar/Ultraman Jr. v. Negro Navarro/Trauma I/Trauma II

PAS: Angelico looked like the worst wrestler in the world the first time I saw him, but apparently Negro Navarro can teach a guy something. The first fall had a long Angelico v. I llave exchange and it was shockingly watchable. Angelico was doing a lot of Alex Shellyish World of Sport looking stuff, it wasn't anything approaching WOS level, but it was Alex Shelly level which is a lot higher then Angelico level. He has a terrible looking exchange in the second fall, but hits a sweet dive in the third. Shocked that we have a match where Angelico was a net positive. Solar v. Navarro was Solar v. Navarro, we got a really slick fast exchange in the first fall which is a little rarer.

TKG: WTF? Either Trauma I just improved by leaps and bounds or he’s a guy who has perfected an act with Angelico as training partner. I mean it isn’t just that Angelico looked better than he ever has before but really Trauma I looked smoother than he has before. These two pretty much staid paired off for the whole match and they had their stuff down. In AAA you’d never separate the two, in EMLL you’d also keep them a permanent pairing like Super Commando and Sombra De Plata but they’d never move out of the opening match slot. In IWRG this is the first I think I’ve seen of this pairing. The Ultraman Jr v Trauma II stuff was kind of disappointing compared to their interactions on Sundays show, but I imagine they’d probably be a little more tentative after the injury. And well then there is Solar and Navarro who do a superfast arm drag exchange segment in the first fall, in seocnd they offer neat new pairings by matching Solar with II and Navarro with Ultraman and then pair again in third for super hot finish. I hope Solar sticks around for awhile.

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Blogger S.L.L. said...

Imperial really needs to find a better fitting mask. He was constantly adjusting it throughout his match, and it really took me out of an otherwise really good bout. He was seriously like the world's most talented Abyss.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What say "HH" in spanish???

3:40 PM  
Blogger Tom said...

Hecho por videocamara personal: "Hand Held"

5:00 PM  

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