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Sunday, February 07, 2010

IWRG 1/21/10

Hijo Del Signo/Gringo Loco/Avisman v. Brazo Metalico Jr./El Brazo Jr./Daga

PAS: This is our first look at the next gen Brazos, and it was a pretty fun match. Kind of a strange structure with the first and second fall being pretty much a rudo beatdown. The rudo team has a bunch of fun double and triple teams and Avisman is always awesome stretching someone on the mat. The third fall we got to see the technicos break out some stuff, El Brazo Jr. (I think, no intros and they look pretty similar) has a nice dive and some pretty armdrags, and Daga had a really great tope fake. Basically a rudo showcase though, and all three rudos are guys to watch for 2010.

TKG: This was bad. I’ve mentioned this trios formula they’ve been working (on top half of card under main event) where instead of having everyone pair off one on one to feel each other out on the mat, in the first fall they have one pairing and then move straight into rudos beat down. Here they switched that up by having everyone pair off in the third for a rope running highflying fall. And it really failed, as the third fall really felt off, like a match restart where despite all the dives, it really felt like a feeling out fall. I liked the first two falls fine. Avisman v El Brazo Jr on the mat was fun in that it really felt less like feeling out and more like both guys moving for pins, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Signo/Avisman double stomp double team that they used to take out Daga. Maybe if you put the dive fall first.

Angelico v. Negro Navarro

PAS: Navarro has been the best wrestler in the world for the last couple of years, and this was a big test for him. Angelico is for the most part an abomination, can Navarro validate his skill and his training by carrying the worst thing to come out of South Africa since P.W. Botha, to a title match? I consider it a passed test, Angelico looked like a green but tolerable here, at no point did Navarro let him get creative, and kept the horseshit to a minimum. Navarro did a great job selling frustration, he should be tooling this punk, but he keeps getting caught. Angelico was mostly able to take control using his speed, Navarro is deliberate and punishing but Angelico was really getting into submissions quickly. The finish of the first fall was pretty cool, Navarro avoids all of Angelicos kicks and really looks in control, but Angelico is able to roll into a leg submission. The second fall has a pissed off Navarro trying to punish the kid, and the rolling keylock he finishes the fall with was fucking awesome looking. Third fall had some really cool moments (Navarro turning a missed shining wizard into a submission was sick) but I thought it went too quickly. This was a title match, it felt like it needed to be dragged out a bit. Also I think the structure of this was a bit too even, Navarro really should have taken 70% of the match on the mat, it felt more like 55%/45% which made the flash submissions mean less. He did a similar thing against Electroshock and I think it a chink in his armor. Still this was way better then it had any right to be. All hail Negro Navarro.

TKG: I have no problem with this being worked so evenly. For title match between overpushed IWRG 22 year old and 50+ trainer, Multifacetico may have been booked stronger opposite Terry (I mean that was a very different match). I understand how wrestling works. Angelico has always been booked less like Multifacetico (inexplicably overpushed youngster) and more like a money mark. You don’t book Otto Wantz to look weak when he’s buying your title. I mean Otto Wantz is a pretty good wrestler and I have never seen Adam Windsor v Dory so don’t quite have a perfect comparison. I imagine Trauma I will get some bookings to challenge for the America’s Title in Orania and NWE. We’ve all seen Shane Mcmahon or HHH matches There was no doubt in my mind that this would have to be worked evenly. Cash Money is an army and even a title. Given that parameter they did do some interesting things. Negro Navarro absolutely dominates the first three to four minutes of this on the mat, then Angelico starts pulling things out and they start trading submissions, showing off what they have in the bank, for the rest of the fall. Angelico eventually wins with a submission that comes off the ropes (comes off the ropes with a rollup spun into a sub). Second fall is more trading with Navarro doing a slow burn and eventually winning with awesome punishing rolling short arm scissors. Third again has Angelico win off the ropes as he goes for a shining wizard where Navarro both ducks and simultaneously hooks Angelico’s arm and Angelico uses the momentum to pull of final sub. The real problem with this match is that Angelico still stinks, and I don’t think he really pulls off either of his finishes particularly well.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The better Brazo Jr. is Brazo Metalico. Or at least in that match it was. El Brazo Jr. has yet to show anything special. Same for the newest incarnation of Brazo De Plata Jr.

Very excited for Brazo Metalico/Eros vs Avisman/Alan Xtreme on Thursday. But the general rule is as soon as you get excited about seeing something... you won't get to see it.

8:04 PM  

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