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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

IWRG 9/10/09

More Slambamjam IWRG and a skippable show if you are being frugal

Gringo Loco/Carta Brava Jr./Heavy Boy v. Exodia/Bushi/Turbo

TKG: First fall has Carta Brava and Bushi do some real basic matwork, Heavy Boy and Exodia doing some forgettable exchanges and Gringo Loco flying around for Turbo. Uninteresting during the one on one sections and just a mess during any of the other parts. I think Carta Brava Jr is a guy who regularly works shows with Skyade students. But I got the real sense that Turbo may need Black Thuder.

PAS: At one point Turbo appears to hit a crazy dive which the cameraman completely misses, another point Loco apparently takes a crazy Psicosis ringpost bump which is missed again. It is like the cameraman was conspiring to make the match look worse then it was.

Avisman v Freelance

TKG: This is a non title match and super disappointing. I normally like some of Avisman’s big throws even the ones which get Kanyonesque. But he normally pulls them out in short second fall. Here he starts with them and just throws a million of them. The more he does the more hit and miss they start to look. He also decides to mix them in with a ton of really shitty elbow drops. Freelance is a good face in peril worker and his little bits of comeback stuff are nice but this is a rudo dominated fall and a bad one. Avisman wins with a foreign object busting Freelance open, And the ref finds the fallen object and reverses the finish. Second fall has a nice posting and some ok working the cut stuff although the cut never seems to open up any worse, and a lot more ugly Avisman throws and brawling. Frelance hits one insane dive which Avisman catches really poorly and there is an ok end run for Freelance to win two straight but Holy shit did Avisman look bad.

PAS: I was really bummed after realizing we didn’t have their title match available, but after watching this I am less upset. One of the worst matches between two good wrestlers I have seen in a while. Avisman looked awful, he is guy who usually catches things well, but he was off on all of Freelances big complicated moves, and looked like crap on offense. His corner clothesline was Arik Cannonish, and his chops looked bad too. Not to mention his stinky elbow drops.

Nosawa/Blasfemia v. Bobby Lee Jr./Mikey Segura

TKG: I think Bobby Lee Jr and Nosawa may have feuded in the past but I really couldn’t pay attention to the mic work as I was distracted by hw much Mikey Segura looked like Rich Voss and the bloodshot high as a kite eyes of Blasfemia. Super fast first fall with Blasfemia taking out Lee Jr and Nosawa taking out Segura. Second fall was loner with them switching partners and the rudos brawling till the technicos brawled back to offense, third fall is more of the same. Blasfemia is a guy who does a bunch of high guy tripping over the ropes and deliberately blowing stuff, so it’s hard to tell when he blows stuff if it is intentional or not. Unfortunately, when Bobby Lee Lee Jr blows a spot it is obvious.

PAS: Nosawa has ICP tattooed on his neck and wears Hatchet man trunks. Of all the weird pieces of Americana for a Japanese guy to fetishize. It feels like Craig Seger should do long Esquire profile on his personal history and evolution. Blasfemia is the real discovery of this set, it takes a lot to work a tag team with a Japanese juggalo with eye makeup and be by far the scummier looking tag partner.

Angelico/Scorpio Jr. v. Masada/Pirata Morgan

PAS: Man if you think Angelico’s fake WOS shit stinks against Trauma I or Negro Navarro try watching him work it against a disinterested Masada. I enjoyed some of Scorpio Jr. working Masada and Pirata, but Angelico is so awful that he just drags this into the muck.

TKG: In Navarro family matches opposite Angelico they will work mat exchanges where at minimum you get to see cool Navarro family mat spots. Instead of exchanging mat stuff, Masada just ate Angelico’s crappy spots and then did Zybisko stalling. Masada and Scorpio Jr apparently had a hair match in 2008, and they are amusing opposite each other. This match made me want to see the hair match. Scorpio Jr v Pirata was hit and miss with a lot of comedy including some pretty impressive Rusher spit takes by Pirata. It was a pretty empty arena, Pirata looked to have both good distance and accuracy. But for the most part this was dull match n a really bad show.



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