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Sunday, May 09, 2010

IWRG 10/18/09

Epidemia/Heavy Boy v. Miss Gaviota/Jack

TKG: Epidemia/Heavy Boy have a reputation for filling a match with lots and lots of “innovative” offense. Here they came across kind of subdued. Although their non-“innovative” filler isn’t particularly interesting either. Heavy Boy does an absolutely devastating Senton on Miss Gaviota to end one fall. And they do a nasty backbreaker into leg drop on Miss Gaviota in another. Their finishers on Jack were nowhere near as nasty.

PAS: This wasn’t very good, outside of the two nasty finishes there wasn’t a single redeeming thing about the match. Miss Gaviota usually has a bunch of decent exotico comedy spots, but for some reason Jack worked a bunch of moves based around sticking his dick in the rudos faces. That really should have pissed Gaviota off, if you are teaming with Rufus R. Jones you don’t do the cabbage patch.

El Hijo Del Signo v. Eragon

TKG: So apparently these guys are feuding and in a singles match on the undercard. Both Eragon and El Hijo Del Signo are young undercard guys who I like but not guys who I think of as having three strong falls in them, let alone three falls in a singles match. Here they had one good opening mat fall with some awkward arm drags, a directionless meandering second fall with a really cool finish run, and a listless third fall (they may have been selling fatigue) leading to a neat finish. Eragon’s wheelbarrow into front cracker is a spot he should use regularly as Eragon is a guy who has cool first fall finishes but his second and third fall finishes normally look weaker. Here he had cool finishes in second and third fall…he needs to figure out what to do in body before the finish.

PAS: I really liked the first fall matwork, most IWRG young guys are Navarro and Terry trained so most of them can do some nifty mat things, still they usually are much weaker on transitions between the cool things. In this mat section I thought they did a nice job in the in between. There was enough cool things in the second two falls that it could have been pretty good, unfortunately there was enough bad shit to keep it from being good.

Gringo Loco/Arliquin Amarillo/Arliquin Rojo v. Bushi/Exodia/Hombre Bala Jr.

PAS: You know you are in the deep brush when Arliquin Amarillo is the work star of the match. He took a couple of nice bumps and did a really cool spot where he blocked a dive with a right hand. Everything else was a godawful trainwreck. Hombre Bala Jr. has good genes, but this looked like his first match, as he blew 2/3rds of the things he tried.

TKG: Arlequin Amarilo starts the first fall working over Exodia’s leg and does the spot where rudo bites the tecnicos foot. I’ve never really understood why anyone would bite someone else’s boot. That’s nasty. Still, Arlequin does something I’ve never seen before. He actually bites a chunk of the sole clear off and spits it out. Then he continues to work on the sole. I’m not sure if having one ripped sole will affect balance but it both felt like a neat way to work the leg and also legit asshole move. Exodia isn’t getting paid much if anything. Boots are expensive. It’s going to be a couple years before Exodia can trick a US indy promoter into buying his boots, and several ring jackets. First fall felt like a touch better than what I was expecting with Arlequins/Gringo Loco v Bushi/Exodia/and Hombre Bala Jr. That is not much praise but still. After that the next two falls made me feel sorry for the Arlequins. They deserved better.

Los Officiales v. Los Piratas

PAS: We needed this match to save the show, and it really did. This may have been the best Jr. Piratas performances I can remember. They are limited guys, good bumpers with nasty triple teams, but they don’t always hit their stuff cleanly and can get lost. Outside of an awkward moment or two everything was hit well and the pacing of match was pretty cool. Piratas get bumped around and dominated in the first fall, but come back with a vengeance. They just trash the Oficiales in the second and third fall, eliminating AK-47 in the second fall with a crazy silla in the crowd. They then brutalize the other two Officales, smacking them with topes, busting them open with pencil shots, and finally killing 911 with a insane spiked double DDT. I really came out of this wanting to see if the Oficiales could get revenge, and sort of in awe of what wrecking machines the Piratas were.

TKG: Yeah this is the match you wanted to see out of these two teams. Just lots of triple teams, lots of Ofiiales eating dives, ad lots of brawling through crowd. Real sense of reckless violence from both teams. I liked the breaking of the pencil in the open cut. This sets up a title match. I’m not sure if the Piratas have a title match in them but there was something to the out of control brawl that made me hope.



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